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A sinner has no right of choice.
~ Cathy to Rachel "Ray" Gardner.

Catherine "Cathy" Ward is a major antagonist in the video game, manga, and anime series Satsuriku no Tenshi, also known as Angels of Death in the English version. She is a former prison guard and the B3 floor master and employs deadly contraptions and mechanisms to test and torture whoever enters the tower.

She is the main antagonist of episode two, a posthumous antagonist in episode three, and the deuteragonist of the prequel manga Satsuriku no Tenshi: Episode 0.

She was voiced by Mariya Ise in the Japanese version and by Jamie Marchi in the English version.



In high school, Cathy was popular among the students and befriended with a girl named Lucy who was very loyal and adored her perfection. However, after her parents were killed by an unknown relative for serious medical errors, Cathy's popularity went downhill and was bullied by the other students, even betrayed by her best friends. Cathy remained loyal to Cathy and both confronted one of the girls who planned to throw acid in the latter's face and hired a man to force Cathy to apologize to her for getting her suspended. Cathy kicks the girl while the man was stopped by Lucy before he could do anything to Cathy. With the man escaping and letting the girl go for not knowing what she did wrong, Cathy and Lucy agreed to punish sinners together, starting with Lucy pushing a girl onto the train tracks, killing her instantly. After graduating from high school, they became prison guards and killed several convicts. During their time in the prison, a man named Abraham Gray offered Cathy to come work for him as one of his Angels, which she accepts. In her final act in the prison before quitting, she "condemned" Lucy for killing too many sinners and was also the first person Cathy murdered.

Satsuriku no Tenshi

When Ray and Zack reached the B3 Floor, Cathy greets them and forced them to go through each trial on her floor to reach her. Once they entered the first floor, Cathy has Zack trapped on an electric chair and reveals herself on a monitor and begins to torture him by activating the chair and won't until Ray solves the mechanism of the electrical chair. In the second room, Cathy traps both of them and fills the room with poisonous gas while giving them only one gas mask and five minutes to solve her riddles. After Zack accidentally breaks the keycard to open the door after entering it the wrong way, Cathy begins to laughs and mocks him for his failure and prompts him to blow up the room. She is impressed with their efforts and allows them to enter the next room where she is holding prisoners captive, them Ray and Zack to be their playthings, which they refused.

When both of them reached two separate rooms, they come face-to-face with Cathy, who explains to them that they must inject themselves with two syringes that may have a lethal drug to open the door. Cathy allows one of them to inject themselves with both syringes to make it easier for them, to which Zack injects the syringes into himself, losing his urge to kill. Once they reached the last room, Cathy shoots at them with an automated gun before Ray and Zack engage in a fight. Cathy tells them that whoever survives will receive a better punishment. Refusing to harm one another, Zack kills himself to allow Ray to win. Cathy becomes furious and steps out behind the bulletproof glass and checks on Zack's gun which was empty. Delighted that Zack was still alive and wanting to kill both him and Ray, she is killed by Zack after her Gatling gun was cut off by Zack.

After Ray returns to the B3 Floor with Gray, Cathy appears as a hallucination and taunted Ray for brutally killing all her prisoners and returned in Ray's trial, where she accuses her of outwitting her and claims that she convinced Zack to cut himself to lure Cathy out of her safety and kill her. Cathy is then stepped down after Ray is indifferent to the water torture as her sentence.


  • It's possible that she eats the corpses of the sinners off-screen after they were killed, as some torturers can be cannibals.