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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Catra from the 2018 Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The original version can be found here: Catra.
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Villain Overview

Hey, Adora.
~ Catra's most famous catchphrase.
Threats only work on someone who has something to lose. But me? I've already lost it all.
~ Catra to the Crimson Waste denziens.

Catra is the deuteragonist and (former) main anti-villainess of the Netflix original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which is a reboot of the 1985 Filmation series She-Ra: Princess of Power. She is the deuteragonist villain of the first season, the secondary antagonist of the first season finale and the second season, the deuteragonist villain of the first half of the third season and later the main antagonist of the second half, one of the two secondary antagonists of the fourth season and the deuteragonist/full-fledged hero of the fifth and final season. She is the Force-Captain of Hordak's Evil Horde (a position previously held by Adora before she defected). Catra later becomes second-in-command of the Horde after Shadow Weaver's imprisonment.

Catra was Adora's childhood best friend and is obsessed with her, as she has feelings for Adora, but in the first season, Catra felt hurt and betrayed when Adora joined the Rebellion and became She-Ra. She is She-Ra's arch-rival-turned-lover during the war for the first four seasons, but reforms in the fifth and final season when Horde Prime arrives and joins the Rebellion against him. Catra reconciles with Adora, and they fall in love.

She is voiced by AJ Michalka.


Catra is a slender, tan-skinned person of feline origins with athlete body physics. She has angular features, such as a pointed chin, straight nose, and slanted almond-shaped, heterochromatic eyes in the shades pale yellow (Left) and turquoise (Right). She features three freckles on her cheeks, soft curving dark eyebrows, and a thin fiendish smile with fanged teeth.

Due to her feline display and ancestry, she is depicted as a young woman with sharp claws on her hands and toes, small fangs, large, black, catlike ears, and horizontal markings on her arms and three on her back that resemble a tabby cat's stripes. She also sports wild, slicked back, spiked, grayish-brown hair held back behind a cat-inspired reddish-brown headpiece.

She wears a two-toned orange leotard tank top over torn reddish-violet leggings that wrap around the foot, exposing her toes and heels. Additionally, she's seen in two belts, the thicker of the pair sporting the Horde symbol, and, as the show progresses, we see her sport the Force Captain pin on her shirt over her heart.


Catra doesn' She'll hurt people to get her way.
~ Scorpia realizing that Catra is just a selfish loner who won't listen to reason.

Catra is a fairly teasing, lazy, irritable, cynical, disrespectful, impulsive, and provocative person. Although she got along with her best friend Adora before she left the Horde, Catra doesn't seem to be able to be friends with anyone else since an early age.

In her childhood, Catra was already a lonely person, even if she enjoyed the company of Adora with whom she spent time having fun. Because of Shadow Weaver’s mistreatment and favoritism away from Adora, Catra developed a feeling of inferiority because she believed she was living in Adora’s shadow and that would later make her a selfish, power-hungry person that always needs to prove herself to be the best.

As Force Captain, Catra remains largely focused on the success of the Horde, without ever really having a good time. It gets worse as her rank increases, Double Trouble even notes that Catra takes the war against rebellion too seriously.



Most of Catra's past is unknown, only that she has feline origins and is not a typical Etherian. At some point in her early life, she was left as an orphan under unknown circumstances. She was eventually taken in by the Horde as an infant, primarily raised by Shadow Weaver alongside Adora to become a child soldier.

One day Catra believed that Adora had chosen a girl named Lonnie as her best friend, therefore Catra hit her and went into hiding. Adora came to find Catra and resolves the misunderstanding but when she asks Catra to go apologize to Lonnie, Catra gets angry again and flees, screaming that she will never ask forgiveness from anyone.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

In "Horde Prime", Catra is first briefly seen spying on a Glimmer in a cell. Later, she is summoned by Horde Prime, whom she finds upon his arrival in a brief state of stasis during which he viewed the memories of Hordak, thus learning the name of Catra and the resentment of her "brother" aloof from Catra. Horde Prime then questions Catra about its usefulness until the feline woman reminds her that she is the only one who knows how to use Etheria's superweapon. Unconvinced, Horde Prime asks if Catra would be close to swearing loyalty to him, which she swears with some fear.

After that, Catra comes to taunt Glimmer about her situation, so that the captive mocks the situation not very different from Catra until they are interrupted by clones who announces that Horde Prime invites them both to dinner. In the dining room, the atmosphere is quite cold especially after Horde is revealed that the dishes served came from people he ruthlessly destroyed. The tyrant then shows live images of Etheria via his robots attacking a village and confronting the rebellion. When the robots are about to execute Adora, Glimmer begs Horde Prime not to do so because for the superweapon to work, it also needs She-Ra. Horde Prime gives in, having had the information he wanted to know.

As Glimmer is returned to her cell, Catra commends Horde Prime for using the princesses' predictable attachment to Glimmer. Horde Prime lets Catra know that she is also predictable while revealing that he understood that Catra still cares about Adora, even if the feline tries to deny it but Horde Prime does not believe it for a second. Intimidated, Catra asks him what he intends to do and Horde Prime informs her that even if he no longer needs her for the operation of the superweapon, everyone has his place in his plans, while calling her "little sister".

In "Launch", Catra spies on Glimmer from outside the cell, which is not visible to Glimmer. A clone scolds her for not respecting Horde Prime's orders which are not to speak with Glimmer. Horde Prime takes control of the clone and repeats his orders in less hostile ways before Glimmer is taken away by the clone.

Once Glimmer returns to the cell, Catra returns to see her, disabling optical camouflage. Glimmer is not happy to see her and because of the horrors that Horde Prime showed her, she throws a tray of food on the barrier and then orders Catra to leave. As Catra leaves, Glimmer resumes her calm, apologizes to her, and asks her to stay a little. Catra agrees and the two Etherians crouch against the force barrier.

In "Corridors", it all starts with a flashback of the youth of Catra which did not go very well. In the present, Catra observes a planet attacked by the Horde Galactic then goes for a walk. To his discomfort, the Horde Prime clones keep following his movements. After sowing them, Catra comes across another clone who warns her that she is in a forbidden zone and unlike the other clones, he calls her by name. Realizing that the clone is none other than refurbished Hordak, Catra admits that it feels good to see a familiar face again until Hordak behaves like a standard clone, pushing Catra to go.

Catra then visits Glimmer on the pretext that she was bored, although Glimmer guesses that if she comes or even despite the prohibitions of Horde Prime it is only because she feels alone. Catra and Glimmer then begin to bond by talking about what they would do when they return to Etheria, as well as some happy memories of Adora. Beginning to feel remorse, Catra tells herself that there is nothing for her on Ethernia.

Later, Catra takes two spinning clones from a teleportation room. On leaving, she comes across a clone quickly controlled by Horde Prime who demands the presence of the feline. Escorted into the throne room and surrounded by the threatening looks of the clones, Catra learns from Horde Prime that a ship has left Etheria. Suspected by Horde Prime of being aware of something, Catra continues to pretend that she does not care about Adora and that she is only her enemy. Horde Prime is not fooled because he can see that she is trying to protect her and that he is aware that she has continued to go to see Glimmer despite his prohibitions. Horde Prime orders her to make Glimmer speak but Catra claims that the queen does not trust her, while repeating her being resentful for Adora. Out of patience, Horde Prime asks Hordak to show the reconditioning ceremony, which brutally erases his recent conversation with Catra. Horrified by what she saw, Catra was again ordered to question Glimmer by the more threatening Horde Prime.

Obliged to obey, Catra goes to see Glimmer and guesses from Glimmer's reaction when she talks about the ship, that Adora is on board. Glimmer begs her to say nothing to Horde Prime, only for Catra to coldly admit that she's just going to let things happen then Glimmer tries to convince her that Horde Prime will eventually get rid of her when she has no more utility. Catra claims that she will find a way out but Glimmer continues to dissuade her because Horde Prime will end up destroying everything with the heart of Etheria. Catra realizes that Glimmer is telling the truth before being begged to do one good thing in her life, something that seems to touch Catra until she rejects this feeling by claiming that Glimmer doesn't know anything about her and then go away.

Giving information to the clones so that they can spot the ship, Catra is congratulated by Horde Prime who promises her that she will gain a rank much higher than the creatures of her species, as she always wanted. Leaving, she remembers the good old days when she and Adora was inseparable and seeing a young version of Adora promise her that she would always be her friend, Catra ended up finally realizing her mistakes then escaped Glimmer, claiming that she wants to do a good thing in her life.

After facing three clones, they arrive in the teleportation room where Catra programs the Glimmer teleport machine as close as possible to Adora, while choosing to stay behind because she is only good for pain. Having managed to contact Adora, Catra informs her that she will send him Glimmer and warns her not to come because Horde Prime is waiting for them. As she is overwhelmed by the clones, Catra sincerely apologizes to Adora for everything she did to her before teleporting Glimmer.

Captured and taken before Horde Prime, Catra laughs at what he can do to her since he has lost Glimmer and that he will never get his hands on Adora. Always sure he will win, Horde Prime tells her that he has other plans for Catra.


(Adora: Look around. This is a civilian town. These aren't insurgents. They're innocent people.) Yeah, innocent people who kidnapped a Horde officer. Let's get back to the Fright Zone. Shadow Weaver is freaking out. [laughing] It'd be funny if she weren't such a terrible person. (Adora: Catra, no. I can't go back. Not until the Horde leaves this town alone. Help me.) What are you saying? (Adora: I’m saying, this is wrong. They've been lying to us, manipulating us. Hordak, Shadow Weaver, all of them.) Duh! Did ya just figure that out? Manipulation is Shadow Weaver's whole thing. She's been messing with our heads since we were kids. (Adora: How could you possibly be okay with that?) Because, it doesn't matter what they do. The two of us look out for each other. And soon we'll be calling the shots. Now, can we go home? (Adora: I'm not going home. Not after everything I've seen. Come with me. You don't have to go back there. We can fix this.) Are you kidding? You've known these people for, what, a couple hours? And you're just gonna throw everything away for them? Ugh. What happened to you?(Adora: I don't know. But I have to do something. I'm sorry, Catra!)
~ Catra revealing her evil nature.
You better have something for me. (Scorpia: Entrapta's recordings. She stored them all in Emily. The chip got damaged when I extracted it, but...hopefully that won't matter? It was just so small, and you know...pincers.) You broke...the recordings? (Scorpia: I...I didn't mean to...) I asked you to do one thing! One simple thing and you completely ruined it! But of course you ruined it. Yeah. You're Scorpia. That's just what you do! You couldn't handle Emily...You never know when to shut up...The only thing you've ever done is get in my way! What did I expect, I mean, how could you possibly be this useless?! (Scorpia remains silent) What?! (Scorpia: You're a bad friend.)
~ Catra coldly berating Scorpia, something she will bitterly regret.
(Adora: Are you...still getting the flashes?) Yes, I keep having this horrible vision of a blonde girl who thinks she's better than everyone barging into my room all day. Oh, wait. (Adora: We'll find a way to get the chip off. If you'd just...let Entrapta [Catra quickly grabs a pillow and puts it over her face] take a look at it, I bet she could...) I don't wanna see anyone, okay?! Not you, not Arrow Boy, or Sparkles, and definitely not Entrapta. (Adora: So, you're just gonna hide in here forever? You'll have to face them sometime...) No, I don't. Just...drop me off on the closest planet, I'll make my own way. (Adora: What, so Horde Prime can capture you again?) I can take care of myself. (Adora: I promised I'd take you home, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Why are you acting like this?! We saved your life!) I told you not to come back! But you just love feeling like a hero, don't you? (Adora: You'd rather I left you there to die?!) WHAT DO YOU CARE?! I know you all hate me! (Adora: I never hated you!)...Then you're even dumber than I thought. Just...leave me alone. (Adora: I'm such an idiot. I thought things would be different this time, but clearly, nothing has changed.)
~ Catra argues with Adora.
Entrapta, wait ...Thank you. And...I'm sorry. (Entrapta: I forgive you.)
~ Catra apologizes for what she did to Entrapta.
Adora! Please! You have to wake up! You can't give up. You have never given up on anything in your life. Not even on me. So, don't you dare start now! (Adora: It's too late. I've failed.) No! No! I've got you. I'm not letting go. Don't you get it? I love you. I always have. So, please, just this once...stay. Stay.
~ Catra confessing her feelings for Adora.
Hey, Scorpia. Look, I...[Before she finishes her words, Scorpia gives her a big hug.] Ooh there it is. (Scorpia: You know I'm a huger.)
~ Catra reconciles with Scorpia.


  • Catra appearance in the show is very different from her original design. In this case, she's more of a humanoid cat.
  • This is the first version of Catra to be LGBTQ.
  • Like most real life cats, she does not like water.
  • Despite being the antagonist, Catra is the main deuteragonist of the series as a whole, due to her romantic relationship with Adora.
  • This is the most popular version of the character.
  • Unlike her original counterpart, Catra has a better relationship with Scorpia, although this relationship has deteriorated since the season 3 but it is restored in the last season.

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