His Real name and origin remain a mystery. For the the ruthless killer known as Catseye was bio engineered meta-human agent of the Yakuza crime family. He clashed with various members of the Suicide Squad when that covert agency went to Japan on a mission to recover a stolen a cache of Russian weapons, known as the Dragons Hoard as well, including the Russian Red Shadows and the Khymer Rouge. Suicide Squad members Man Hunter and Bronze Tiger were captured by the Yakuza and freed by Katana from the recently disbanded Outsiders,while Catseye fought the Atom for control of the stolen weapons. Later on in the forests of Asia, Catseye attacked the squad again this time in a ancient temple and was scraped by his own poison claws while in battle with the Bronze Tiger. Catseye's body was incinerated in an explosion caused by Deadshot.

Special Powers/Abilities

Razor -Sharp claws implanted in his fingers and toes which are covered in poison.Also he has super-human reflexes enabling to jump 20 feet in the air from a standing position, and has the eye sight of a cat enabling him to see the shrunken Atom.

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