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I know what I am. No noble intentions... just the thrill of breaking what they say can't be broken. Knowing there's no safe I can't crack. No fortress I can't infiltrate. Proving I can.
~ Selina speaking about how she views herself to Bruce at her apartment.
I weighed my options and, what can I say? I don't like to lose.
~ Catwoman to Harley Quinn before confronting the Pact alongside Batman. (determinant)

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, is a semi-antagonist in both Season One of Batman: The Telltale Series and Season Two, titled Batman: The Enemy Within.

Like virtually every other depiction of the character, she is a sensual costumed cat burglar who crosses paths with Batman but also develops feelings for him. While not always a villain, she nevertheless sometimes serves an antagonistic role.

She is voiced by Laura Bailey, who also played the titular character in Catherine, Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and Abby Abderson in The Last of Us: Part II.


Batman: The Telltale Series

Episode One: Realm of Shadows

Catwoman is introduced and first seen trying to steal a hard drive from the corrupt Mayor of Gotham City, Hamilton Hill. Batman intercepts her and the two engage in hand-to-hand combat that ends with Catwoman nearly plummeting from the rooftop of City Hall before Batman catches her in time. However, she is able to escape after scratching Batman's face with her claws.

Later, Bruce Wayne meets Catwoman in her civilian identity Selina Kyle (Harvey Dent's "girlfriend"), and the two recognize each other due to their injuries from their first fight. After spending some time getting to know each other and trying to figure out what each of them are after, Bruce convinces Selina (either through persuasion or coercion), to let him go to where she was supposed to meet her clients.

Episode Two: Children of Arkham

Bruce goes looking for Selina after discovering that Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin is after her. The two end up working together to fend off his men at the Stacked Deck they were both at, and Bruce has the option to try and kiss her following the brawl, though Selina will not let him if he chooses to.

Later, Catwoman shows up to help Batman stop the Children of Arkham, considering it her way of "paying her debt" for Bruce helping her earlier. However, during the battle at the mayoral debate, Catwoman is downed with several mercenaries converging on her position, and Batman must choose to either save Harvey (who is about to be killed by the Penguin) or her. If he chooses to save Harvey, Catwoman is shot in the left shoulder by a mercenary armed with a shotgun and angrily flees, enraged at Batman for not saving her. If he chooses to save her, Harvey's face is horribly scarred by the Penguin, and Batman takes the injured Catwoman to Wayne Manor so she can recuperate.

Episode Three: New World Order

Bruce and Selina go to visit Harvey at Gotham General Hospital (which Bruce will do solo if he did not save her). Selina will ask Bruce why he chose to save her, and he can choose to answer (notably, if he tells Selina it's because he cares about her, she will note that perhaps he shouldn't).

Later, Catwoman will show up delivering a container with an absorbing agent to the Children of Arkham at the Sky Train Depot in the Highland Line, apparently willing to temporarily work with them long enough for them to let her skip Gotham unharmed. However, Lady Arkham becomes aware of Batman's presence and takes Catwoman as a hostage to get him to stand down, though Catwoman will free herself, and a fight breaks out.

After Batman is badly hurt in his fight with Lady Arkham, Catwoman takes him back to her apartment and tends to his injuries, also lowering her guard around him and revealing how privately unhappy and self-loathing she is as a person. It is here that Bruce can choose to get romantic with Selina, though if he did not save her in the previous episode, she will only partially return his affections rather than fully. Either way, Bruce has the option to have sex with her.

The following morning, Bruce can explore Selina's apartment to learn more about her, during which he finds her Cat-Claw gadget used to slide up walls, and he can either steal it or leave it. However, Harvey soon arrives, and whether Bruce slept with Selina or not, will succumb to his Two-Face persona and fly into a violent rage, believing that Selina has cheated on him with Bruce. Afterwards, Bruce has the option to let Selina stay at Wayne Manor until he deals with Two-Face or let her leave Gotham altogether.

Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham

Selina soon decides to leave Gotham altogether due to Harvey's growing mental instability and the increasingly authoritarian transformation of Gotham.

Selina will have a text message conversation with Bruce as Alfred drives him home from Arkham Asylum.

Episode Five: City of Light

Bruce discovers (or is informed by Lucius Fox if Bruce chose to go to Wayne Manor and stop Two-Face from destroying his home at the end of the previous episode) that one of his hi-tech gadgets, known as the Phalanx Key, is missing from the R&D lab, and finds out that Selina stole it from him via the security footage.

Confronting her outside of Gotham as she's riding a motorcycle, he demands that she return it (either through persuasion or coercion), to which she does, even if you stole her Cat-Claw gadget from her back at her apartment to which she found out. Selina then admits that she used Bruce from the start in order to break into Wayne Tech for an unknown client who hired her, and that she only pretended to be Harvey's girlfriend to get close to Bruce. She then states that she is leaving Gotham, and suggests Bruce do the same with his reputation damaged. Bruce can either say he will someday or that he won't and will help the city no matter what. Selina also states she is leaving because she believes they will fight as enemies again in the future, and that if she ever crossed one of Bruce's lines, then he will have to fight her. Bruce can either tell her that he would never fight her if she did cross one of his lines, state that he doesn't believe she would do that, or say that he will fight her if she did.

If Bruce says he will fight her, she will angrily reply that they are now starting to go back to where they were when they first met on the rooftop of City Hall: enemies; and Bruce can either say it's better that way or say he didn't mean it like that and doesn't want to be enemies with her again.

If Bruce either says he wouldn't fight her if she crossed his lines or she wouldn't do that, Selina will realize that Bruce is upset she is leaving, and asks him if he thought that either his stay at her apartment meant they were best friends or that their night of sex at her apartment meant they were going steady.

Regardless of Bruce's response after he either said he would fight her if she wrongly crossed him like she did with Two-Face or said he would never fight her, Selina will admit that their relationship was not terrible at all, but that he was just another job (and depending on Bruce's response to Selina wanting to distance herself out of fear of crossing Bruce's lines, either a fully interesting job or a half intriguing and half irritating job) and that she's done with him now that the job is done, stating that it's simply clear that she is no good person and hero, and doesn't want to be one, since she is only a thief and nothing more, and that she never pretended to be something else, as she told him she's a thief from the start.

Bruce can either agree with Selina (they will become enemies again and she will leave Bruce on bad terms, believing he is just like everyone else) or disagree with her and state that she is more than a thief but is afraid to believe and admit it, with Selina asking why Bruce believes that, with the latter either saying because they're a good team or she saved his life at the Sky Train Depot (as saying nothing or telling her that he loves her (she will tell him he barely knows her and feels sorry for him if that's his idea of love) will cause her to believe he is just like everyone else and will leave Bruce not only as enemies but on bad terms), Selina will believe him, and depending on what their positive relationship was, Bruce can hug or kiss her goodbye.

As Selina is about to leave on her motorcycle, Bruce can give her some parting words, and she will respond if they leave on good terms, as if she were to leave Bruce on bad terms she won't respond and will ignore whatever Bruce says to her. Selina then drives out of Gotham on her motorcycle.

A week later following his final showdown with Lady Arkham, Bruce will either get a postcard with a picture of a black kitten hanging onto a tree on it if he and Selina left on good terms from Alfred (friendly or romantically) or will inform the latter that they may not hear from her anytime soon if she left him on bad terms.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Episode One: The Enigma

Catwoman's broken goggles from her first fight with Batman (and either her postcard if she left Bruce on good terms at the end of Season One or her Cat-Claw gadget if Bruce stole it from her while he stayed at her apartment) are now in the Batcave as a memento.

Episode Two: The Pact

Catwoman appears at the end of the episode, apparently now in league with the Pact.

Episode Three: Fractured Mask

It comes to light that Catwoman is really only with the Pact to figure out what happened to the deceased Riddler, and to get justice for his victims, as she had done work for Riddler before and now feels a personal responsibility to make right his wrongs. She and Bruce work together with John Doe at first as they are sent by Harley Quinn to the Riddler's abandoned lair to obtain hidden secret information for his plans, but Catwoman will ultimately go her own way after a fight with Bruce, in which he can try to kiss her, and John will notice whatever choice Bruce makes with her.

After Batman is informed by a bitter GCPD Commissioner James Gordon that he knows Catwoman is back in town and that he intends to send out a GCPD task force to arrest her if Batman doesn't bring in Bruce Wayne for him, Batman is faced with an ultimatum as to whether or not he should warn her about the upcoming ambush.

Catwoman steals Riddler's encrypted laptop before John Doe could. Batman meets Catwoman on the roof of City Hall, the very same rooftop where they first met and fought. Batman ultimately gets the laptop from her (which she had stolen from the Pact's lair earlier), in addition to the USB drive that is used for decryption from Riddler's lair and the retinal goggles with Riddler's eyes to access the black-site and the encrypted laptop. Batman can then choose to re-affirm his feelings for Catwoman (or express them for the first time) as an offer after the latter demands something from him in return for giving him the laptop, decrypter, and retinal goggles; at which point they can share a kiss (which Batman can use as an opportunity to snatch the decrypter from her hands rather than let her give it to you herself). Batman is then given the choice of inviting Catwoman into the Batcave to investigate the laptop together or telling her that he will investigate the laptop all by himself much to her disappointment.

John Doe steals Riddler's laptop and gives it to Batman instead in an alleyway behind the Stacked Deck. He later returns to Wayne Manor and finds a badly injured Selina in the parlor, with his butler Alfred Pennyworth tending to her injuries. He can choose to be honest with her about whether or not he knew Gordon was after her. If he tells the truth, Selina will be mad at him, but Bruce can still get her forgiveness if he cooperates with her. Whether he cooperates or not, he still gets the decrypter from retinal goggles with Riddler's eyes to access the black-site and the encrypted laptop from her. Bruce can then choose to invite her into the Batcave to investigate the laptop as she begs to help him, but if he denies her request to help, then this causes her to violently attack him, resulting in a short fight that injures her further, causing her to angrily leave Wayne Manor while Alfred is disgusted by Bruce's act of harm towards her.

Whether he warned Catwoman about the GCPD ambush or not, Bruce can invite her to come into the Batcave in order to investigate the laptop with her help or investigate it alone without her.

Selina will be grateful and honored by Bruce's decision, and after entering the cave, will confess that she was always a selfish person until she met Bruce. Depending on their positive relationship, she will either admit that she came back to Gotham to stop the Pact and that being around Bruce makes her feel like she can become a good person or will say she returned for redemption and will indirectly affirm her feelings for Bruce and how she feels she can be better when around him.
Bruce can either say they should keep this to a professional level as friends much to Selina's secret dismay or can either affirm his feelings again or for the first time. If Bruce affirmed his feelings, the two kiss and enter a true romantic relationship, with Selina either saying she missed this if they had sex in the previous season's third episode or saying she never thought this would happen and that Bruce proved her wrong if they didn't have sex. If Bruce affirmed his feelings, then before they can kiss again, Selina will notice that her broken goggles and/or black kitten postcard (or her Cat-Claw if stolen) are displayed next to trophies taken from Batman's enemies, making her feel initially miffed, particularly because her memento shelf is right next to Two-Face's.
Afterwards, Bruce connects the laptop to the Batcomputer and accesses it using the retinal goggles with Riddler's eyes. The Batcomputer then scans the laptop for any cyber threats. While it does, Selina will explore the Batcave intrigued. After the laptop is finished being scanned, the pair look at the contents of the laptop, and discover two videos of human test subjects being injected with an unknown biological viral agent by a scientist, along with documents and manifests such as the location of the black-site. Upon seeing that the Agency were the ones behind the experiments from the videos, Bruce calls Amanda Waller about this, to which she says that she will explain if he meets her at Wayne Enterprises. Selina will then inform Bruce that Harley wants to know if the retinal goggles with Riddler's eyes are ready and that she will go and tell her to stall for Bruce. Bruce thanks her for the update, before she states this is the benefit of being partners.
Depending on what their positive relationship currently is, she will either wish Bruce good luck or kiss him on the cheek telling him to be safe. Bruce returns either sentiment before taking his car to go to Wayne Enterprises to meet with Waller, while Selina departs the Batcave via the elevator.

Alfred will express that Selina could've been of assistance with investigating the laptop. After Bruce finishes investigating the laptop, Alfred will then harshly reprimand him for distancing himself from his allies, as he believes they really should start getting help with Lucius Fox gone, Waller helping them but not as allies only for professional assistance, and Gordon losing trust in Batman.

Whether or not Bruce invited her to the Batcave after he either warned her or didn't, Catwoman decides to return to the Pact's lair, the abandoned Old Five Points subway station, to inform them that the retinal goggles needed for the raid on SANCTUS' hideout is ready. However, upon arriving, she is suddenly taken captive by the Pact due to her being considered a potential suspect of being the Agency mole within their midst that they are looking for following the theft of Riddler's corpse, with two henchmen binding her hands as well as gagging her mouth to silence any protestations of not being the mole. The pair of goons take the bound and gagged Catwoman to another room in the subway and guard her. The Pact also confiscate her cat-claw, bag, whip, and other personal equipment as they took her hostage.

Later, when Bruce ends up in hot water with the Pact after Bane brought him to Harley's office back to the Pact's hideout due to not only the former acting very suspicious of Bruce being the mole after mistakenly catching him performing reconnaissance for the Agency near the Bodhi Spa looking for the black-site (though in reality, Harley sent Bruce to scout the area for her, but unbeknownst to her, Bane's suspicions were correct, as Bruce is the mole and was doing recon for the Agency, and Harley and Bane just don't know it yet), but because Riddler's laptop is missing, with it having been previously stolen by either John Doe or Catwoman (depending on whether Batman warned the latter about the GCPD ambush or not). Bruce can choose to sell Catwoman out or take the fall and blow his cover.

If Bruce chooses sell out Catwoman, she is then escorted out of the room she's kept in by her two henchmen captors with Harley joining to follow. Bruce sees this and inquires what they're doing to her, with Harley saying that she wasn't just going to simply leave her alone or let her go after being ratted out by Bruce as the mole. She then mentions that Catwoman is about to be executed by being put into one of Mr. Freeze's cryo-chambers to be frozen to death. Bruce can either support this or fight against it by either saying she is very useful for the black-site raid or that he loves her, though Catwoman will still feel betrayed regardless (even if she and Bruce have always been on good terms) as she listens to him support the decision or beg for her to be spared for her usefulness or his feelings for her.
Bane then tells Harley that preparations for the black-site raid are finished, and she orders Catwoman to be put into the chamber. But before Catwoman could be thrown in by Mr. Freeze, she kicks him aside before breaking free of her bonds and pulling her gag down. Mr. Freeze retaliates by freezing her left forearm in an attempt to restrain her. Bruce attempts to intervene, but Bane and a henchman prevent him from doing so, the former believing he will be killed if he does. Catwoman then flips Mr. Freeze over before he could freeze her solid completely, knocking the chamber over and damaging it, but she is quickly pinned down by Bane, and Harley, having grown impatient, has the former lock Catwoman inside one of the Riddler's murder-boxes instead before the Pact then go off to raid the black-site, while Bruce is forced to reluctantly leave Catwoman behind.

If Bruce chooses to take the fall and blow his cover, he is then sentenced to be put into the cryo-chamber instead. Bruce is then escorted out of Harley's office at gunpoint by the latter and John Doe. As he escorted to the chamber, Bruce sees Catwoman on her knees with her two henchmen captors still guarding her after being escorted out of the room she was kept in to watch his execution. Catwoman nervously looks at Bruce in the eye, facially gesturing for the latter to free her. Bruce is then put into the chamber by Bane on Harley's orders. Catwoman watches in horror and stands up on her feet as her captors aim their guns at her as soon as she gets up.
Seeing that she is no longer a suspect and doesn't need to be a hostage anymore, Harley has Catwoman's captors release her in which the aforementioned goons comply. One of them unties the knot of Catwoman's gag and removes it from her mouth, allowing her to utter Bruce's name in concern, while another unbinds her hands. Catwoman then tries to get Harley to be reasonable and release Bruce, but she refuses to listen. She watches as Bruce protests defiantly at Harley. Before she could activate the chamber, John tries to convince Harley to let him go free because of his friendship with Bruce, but she once again doesn't listen as she briefly glares at Catwoman sadistically and proceeds to activate the chamber to slowly freeze Bruce to death before Harley gives her final words to him. The Pact then depart for the black-site raid after all the preparations are complete, with a horrified Catwoman being forced to come along as well, while Bruce is left to die.

Episode Four: What Ails You

Catwoman will be absent with Bruce later returning to the Pact's hideout to find that Catwoman has escaped the Riddler's murder-box (though in reality, she never escaped, and it would later revealed that she was freed by the Agency, who then somehow thawed her frozen left forearm after taking her into custody).

Catwoman will show up and offer to help Batman (who managed to escape the cryo-chamber earlier) fight the Pact (after being forced to help them break into the black-site while being horrified by their monstrous bloodlust). If Batman accepts her offer, then she battles with Harley until the end of the fight in which the latter escapes with the LOTUS Virus while Batman orders Catwoman to flee as the Agency breach the facility. If Batman denies her request, she will reluctantly leave but not before wishing him luck. Regardless, she is then arrested off-screen by the Agency without Batman's knowledge while she was either leaving or escaping the facility.

Episode Five: Same Stitch

Selina's story differs sharply depending on both whether Bruce betrayed her or not, and also whether John Doe became a vigilante or a villain. This leads to two main scenarios.

Catwoman was made a part of Waller's special task force alongside Bane and Harley by the Agency, with the trio being outfitted with shock collars that force them to work for Waller. If Bruce betrayed her, she happily fights Batman for Waller, enraged and vengeful at his betrayal, and refuses to listen to anything he says. Conversely, if Bruce didn't betray her, Catwoman is a much more reluctant participant in the battle, and after Batman is badly injured in the battle, Catwoman helps him get to the Batmobile which then takes him back to the Batcave (a role held by Special Agent Iman Avesta if Catwoman is Batman's enemy). If Batman is in a romance with Catwoman, he can tell her that he loves her, to which Catwoman will not respond, though she jaw-drops hearing this. Batman can have Waller release Catwoman from her special task force due to not being as ruthless and murderous as the rest of the Pact as a part of their stalemate after Batman threatened to expose Waller's crimes if she exposed his identity.

Joker snatches Selina from an Agency convoy that was transporting her. She and Bruce then work together to survive the Joker's sick mind games, though whether Selina is a trusting and willing ally or just helping Bruce purely out of necessity depends on whether Bruce had previously betrayed her or not. Afterwards, Waller in gratitude asks Bruce what to do with Selina in terms of special care from the Agency, and Bruce can request Waller either keep her in her special task force, release her from her special task force with her criminal record expunged, or release her from her special task force but have her banned from Gotham and be made a person of interest for the Agency under their constant watchful surveillance just like with Rumi Mori after Riddler's murder attempt on him at the Virago casino.



  • This is not the first time Laura Bailey has voiced a black leather catsuit-wearing femme fatale in a superhero setting, as she also voices Black Widow in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled, Spider-Man 2017, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, and Marvel's Avengers 2020.
    • Likewise, it is not the first time she voiced the lover of a Troy Baker-voiced anti-hero, having earlier voiced Talion's murdered wife Ioreth in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.
      • Laura Bailey had also voiced Catwoman in the first and second LEGO Batman video games, while Troy Baker voiced Batman in the second game, it's sequel, and LEGO Dimensions.
  • She likely has gotten into fights with pursuers before as she will note if Bruce apologizes about giving her a black eye that "it's not the first time a man's hit me".
  • Indigo seem to be Selina's favorite color after black, as her cat claw glows violet and her bra is purple.
  • It is implied that Selina only goes for men with an appealing dark side, as suggested by her seduction of Bruce.

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