Meow, meow! We're in! Meow, meow!
~ Catwoman hacks into the Energy Plant.

Catwoman is a minor antagonist in The LEGO Batman Movie.

She is voiced by Zoe Kravitz.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Catwoman is a member of The Rogues, a team of Gotham's supervillains, assembled by the Joker.

In 1992, Catwoman had faced Batman.

In the current time, when Joker invades the Energy Facility, Catwoman accompanies him and the rest of the villains. She is responsible for hacking them into the place and fights alongside them when Batman arrives. He manages to stick the Riddler's stick into her bike wheel, wrecking her. She then flees when the building is about to explode.

Later, she is shown inside the Joker's lair with the other villains.

She accompanies Joker and the Rogue to the Gala to attack, only to be captured after Joker surrenders them, and is sent to Arkham, where she is seen many times.

The Joker manages to escape the Phantom Zone and brings back several infamous villains with him, such as Wicked Witch of the West, Sauron, Lord Voldemort, Medusa, and others. However, he decides to leave Catwoman and the other Rogues imprisoned, now that he has better help. This causes Catwoman and her fellow villains to ally with the Batman and his team to take down their former boss. After they succeed, the Joker reconciles with The Rogues and they all leave, as Batman gives them a thirty second head start.


  • The previous live-action films and the Animated Series are taken as canon to this character.

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