Cave Cow is the (Former) main antagonist in the Nickelodeon animated T.V. show Back at the Barnyard. He is a primitive species of bovine, frozen for centuries, later to be discovered by two scientists and broken out of the ice out by Otis.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny. 


Cave Cow bears a strong resemblance to Otis. The only noticeable differences were his sloping forehead, large primitive teeth and his enlarged jaw with stubble.


Initially Cave Cow appeared to have a highly aggressive and destructive personality. However, he was shown to be able to be calmed when Freddy and Peck offered him a banana and a magazine, but went savage again when they showed him fire. He eventually took a love interest to Abby, and enjoyed spending time with her. despite this, Cave Cow was still a primitive monster and mistook the Farmer for prey and attempted to eat him, only to be frightened away by Otis who had dressed up like the Cave Cow's natural predator. Five years later the Cave Cow intelligence had dramatically increased and he somehow wound up running for president.


Cave Cow used to live in prehistoric times until at one point, he got frozen in a block of ice for millions of years, only to be discovered by two scientists. Otis and the gang, who were snowboarding not to far away until and accident caused otis to crash into the ice that Cave Cow was trapped within freeing him. The gang had then mistook the Cave Cow for Otis and took him back to the barn.-




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