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The Cave Spider King is a supporting antagonist in the AvM Shorts, serving as the final antagonist of Season 1.

Like the name says, it is the king of a gang of cave spiders, ordering its minions to capture or steal various thing for it to eat, alive or not.


As the Second Coming and its friends are searching a Nether portal, it is captured along its two friends, Yellow and Red, while Green and Blue come to the rescue. They see the Cave Spider King eating the offerings from its minions, with Green purposefully distracting the cave spiders while Blue rescues its friends. The Stick Gang is chased by the army, but manage to escape. Once a normal cave spider alarms the king of how they lost the targets, the Cave Spider King chases them itself. Cornering them right when they are about to enter the Nether portal, the Cave Spider King easily defeats Green, Red, Blue and Yellow and prepares to kill the Second Coming. However, a Wither goes through the Nether portal, with no explanation from where it came from, and begins fighting the Cave Spider King. The Second Coming and its friends manage to go through the portal and get back home.

The fate of the Cave Spider King is unknown.


The king is a normal cave spider, but bigger and wearing a crown.



  • The Cave Spider King is one of the few villains whose fate remains unknown.


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