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The Cave Spider King is a supporting antagonist in the AvM Shorts, appearing as the final antagonist of Season 1. It appears as the main antagonist of the episode "Cave Spider Roller Coaster".

Originally, it is a mob from Minecraft. In the episode, it is the king of the Cave Spiders.


As the Second Coming and his friends are searching the exit portal, the Cave Spiders took him, Yellow, Red. Later, the king appears while eating a rabbit meat and Blue and Green attacks the Cave Spiders. Later, they escape with minecart however the other Cave Spiders attempt to kill them. Later, a Cave Spider whispers the king and king comes and attempts to kill the stick figures. When the king binds the stick figures and attacks the Second Coming. Wither Boss appears and attacks the king and the king attack Wither. Eventually, the stick figures enters through portal. It is unknown what happened to the king.


The king is a normal Cave Spider but it wears a king crown and it is larger than the normal Cave Spiders.


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