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The Caveman is a one-time character from the Cartoon Network original series The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Seed No Evil". He is an unnamed neanderthal who is primarily active in the prehistoric ages, but he was frozen, which allowed him to stay alive, albeit immobile trillions of years later. His frozen body is currently being exhibited on display at the Townsville Museum.

He was voiced by Michael Patrick Bell.


The City of Townsville, back in the prehistoric ages was shown. The caveman version of The Mayor was walking around, just minding his own business, while carrying a bag full of seeds. Back then, seeds were a form of currency.

From behind a tree, the caveman spied The Mayor and his money. The caveman rode his trusty woolly mammoth to steal The Mayor's money. The caveman snatched The Mayor bag and rode off with it. The Mayor called the caveman versions of The Powerpuff Girls. The Prehistoric Puff Girls sprung right into action and fought with the caveman, by beating him with bones. The caveman beat them back with his billy club.

After smacking the cave girls off of his mammoth, the caveman realized that this mammoth had run straight off of a cliff, sending him falling into freezing cold ice age water, where he and the mammoth were frozen solid.

Trillions of years later, historians discovered this frozen caveman and put him in the Townsville Museum, where he is still on display to this very day.

One day, an idiotic museum night watch guard thought it was too cold in the museum, so he turned up the heat on the freezer, that was preserving the caveman, which let it melt, setting him free. The caveman regained consciousness and started running rampant around Townsville, destroying everything on his mammoth.

The next day, Townsville was under attack by a crazed caveman, riding around on a woolly mammoth, destroying everything. People were in a panic and did not know what to do. The Mayor just so happened to have kicked his pickle addiction that day, and switched over to seeds. So, when the caveman saw the modern-day version of the cave mayor eating seeds, he went completely berserk and started attacking him.

The Powerpuff Girls had to be interrupted at school to save the day. Blossom used her ice breath on the caveman and the mammoth to freeze them solid. Afterwards, their frozen bodies were dragged right back to the museum, where they were put on display once again.


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