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Caz Hammond is a fictional character of Coronation Street. She was a supporting character in 2015 and later became a major antagonist in 2016.

First introduced as a new love interest for established character Maria Connor in Weatherfield, Caz wanted to get revenge on Maria for rejecting her advances and appeared to have succeeded after getting Maria arrested on suspicion of her own "disappearance". But in the end Caz failed and was imprisoned for her actions.

She was portrayed by Rhea Bailey.


She is the ex-fiancée of Kate Connor and was a serving soldier in the British Army. The two girls met in April 2015. Theirs was a whirlwind romance, becoming serious on their second date and they soon became engaged.

Caz's job meant long periods apart and Kate was therefore delighted when Caz was given leave at the time of her twenty-sixth birthday, arriving in Weatherfield on a surprise trip from abroad arranged by the Connors. Johnny Connor had arranged a table at Nick's Bistro where the Prosecco and champagne flowed freely as both girls were toasted by family and workmates, though Sally Metcalfe brought her own unique stance to the evening, telling Caz that her own daughter was a lesbian and making out to all assembled that this made her a liberal free-thinker as she had accepted her daughter's sexuality before it became "fashionable".

Although some people had a hangover the next day, Caz was deemed to have hollow legs and, after bringing Kate her lunch at Underworld, knocked back the shots in the Rovers building up Dutch courage to make a suggestion to her girlfriend. With Johnny's consent and good wishes, Caz told Kate that she wanted to set a date for the wedding in April 2016 - a year after they had met. Kate accepted, seemingly happy, but she had just been confessing to Michelle Connor that the intensity of their relationship scared her as in the past seven months they had just had three weeks together. Her flying visit over, Caz left Weatherfield and reported back for duty.

Caz returned to Weatherfield the following month to spend the Christmas week with Kate before she left on New Year's Eve for her posting in Cyprus, but came back for a short visit in February 2016.

In July 2016, Kate broke off with her after she was found to be faking an injury she claimed to have sustained in a parachute accident, when really she had been in a fight with another female soldier.

She later moved in with Maria Connor but she had a motive to charm her to make her fall in love with her. Maria was upset when she found out and threw Caz out of her flat.


  • She made a total of 72 appearances throughout her time on the show.