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Cazador (in Spanish: Hunter) is an Argentine anti-hero protagonist of the comic book of the same name that was published since 1992, during different time periods. It is famous for initiating a new age of adult comics in Argentina.

His grandfather had been a soldier with a native girl whose tribe had cannibalistic tendencies. Finally, the man who had come to be known as El Cazador de Aventuras became a wanted criminal in America during the times of the Spanish conquest. He torture natives branding them with red hot irons on their foreheads. The brand was a Christian cross. He claimed to be doing God's work that way.

One of the natives claimed it to be the famous legend of El Dorado, Cazador and his men followed their guide only to fall into a trap. Cazador was captured and branded with his own symbol inverted on the forehead. Demons were introduced in his body and he became essentially immortal. After his ordeal, he went insane, killed his own men and devoured them.

Almost 500 years later, he lives in an abandoned church, uses the inverted cross as his symbol, and has become an unstoppable serial killer. Despite this, he has some friends like the bizarre Italian-American mobster called Tío Pastafrola.

Powers and Abilities

Still, Cazador is forced to fight in earnest against opponents as strong and powerful as Cazador has been brought down by the zombie Indian Cacique Patoruzú, his “brother”, Abominación Final, a group of anonymous ninja assassins, and the cyborg boxer Mike Tyson, in the rematch bout they had (although Tyson ultimately lost the fight because Cazador’s friend and trainer, Argentine former boxer “Roña” Osvaldo, KO’ed him with a lead pipe).

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