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As a drug addict and a thief, you've preyed on the kindness of others to fuel your addiction.
~ Jigsaw explains why he is testing Cecil.

Cecil Adams is a villain in the Saw franchise, who appeared in the fourth installment as Jigsaw's very first test subject and victim and one of the people who made John Kramer into Jigsaw.


Jill Tuck (who was 7 months pregnant) ran a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts with the motto "Cherish Your Life", which John Kramer later used for the basis as Jigsaw. One of her clients named Cecil Adams, who became infuriated after waiting for three hours and pulled a knife on Jill, but was subsequently stopped by John himself.

Cecil then attempted to rob the clinic (Amanda convinced him to) while Jill was closing up for the night and John was waiting in the car. After stealing the money, he accidentally pushed the door into Jill's stomach, causing her to miscarry her and John's child, Gideon. In a panic, Cecil escaped with the money. Seeing Cecil running away, John got out of the car and found Jill bleeding, he then took her to the hospital.

After Gideon's death, John found and captured Cecil, and then continued to place him in a chair that had restrained his arms and legs with blades. To escape this trap before he can die from blood loss, he must press his face into a set of kitchen knives. After he struggled for a bit, the chair collapsed which freed him.

Cecil became angered by Jigsaw and wanted to kill him. So he charged at John but John moved out the way and Cecil fell into a box of razor wire. Cecil struggled to escape and bled to death from the wounds.


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