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I would have thought these Americans would have harder heads.
~ Dame about Captain Price's team.
Yes, I imagine it is. Hello, Makarov.
~ Dame meeting Vladimir Makarov.

Cecilia Perrin, also known as Dame, is a villainous playable character of the 2019 first person shooter Call of Duty: Mobile, and the primary antagonist in the Mobile comics. she is a mercenary for hire, former companion of Templar who is working for "The Fifth Knight" the mysterious leader of the Five Knights, the Dark Covenant & Makarov's Heist Crew.



Cecilia Perrin joined the French Army as a commanding officer under Templar until she was discharged. She later become a part of The Dark Covenant, where she received training in tactics, stealth, infiltration and hand to hand combat. she later earned the name "Dame".

Dame would become a mercenary for hire for the Dark Covenant, and would join the criminal organization, the Five Knights alongside Vladimir Makarov, Raul Menendez, Gabriel T. Rorke, Mace, Édouard "Templar" Couteau, Vagr Modir, Rott, Sebastian Krueger, and Hidora Kai. Serving under the "Fifth King", Dame would help the criminal organization destroy governments and recruit other terrorist organizations.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Dame assisted Templar by defeating The members of the UAC and they captured Price, Rosa, Charly And Mace after taking out UAC soldiers. Dame claims that the "Americans" would have had harder heads, But Price tells her that he and his group Isn't American. Dame looks at an unconscious Rosa and she claims that she's knocked out, Rosa Spits at Dame. Templar is angered and punches Rosa in response. Later on, Gabriel Rorke Arrives and see Price's Team Before Templar and Dame's Heartwarming reunion after. Later, Mace and Rosa attack Rorke who had broken free. Later, Dame, Rorke And Templar witness the arrival of Adler who had brought reinforcements and a "old friend" revealed to be a still alive Ghost with the Ghosts German Shepherd Riley, which leaves everyone, including templar in shock and denial. Ghost says his famous line "You Can't Kill a Ghost".

Ghost intends to settle the score with Templar, which leads him by a throwing knife at him, only Ghost to throw it back by hitting Rorke in the arm. Templar orders Dame to escort Rorke by exfiltration to the Helicopter while Templar deals with Ghost and his Allies. She escorts Rorke to the bunker, but neither of them are aware that Adler is Lying in wait for them here.

Before they get to the Helicopter, Rorke is grazed in the ear by Adler, so he orders Dame to kill him and she agrees with pleasure. Adler taunts her before she moves in to attack, Later, Dame kicks ghost after attempting to kill Templar. Dame looks at Templar who was damaged by Ghost.

Later on, The Group arrived to Panama. Dame watches Templar stumbles over while attempting to walk by himself. They discussed about Rorke and Hidora, underserving about the Five Knights, and suggesting Templar could be the Leader of The Five Knights. Dame later ambushes Rosa while getting the briefcase, attempted to impaling her with her sword. Rosa reacts quickly and guns her down, before she is pursed by Rott and his men.

Dame and Templar wear their dark armor, and discuss about Betraying Rorke, Becoming Leadership of the Five Knights. Dame Later summoned The Dark Covenant, the members like Dark Shepherd, Artery, Dark Rider, Witch Doctor And Stansfield. She later joins the fight, When Templar Betrays Rorke and kills his mercenaries. Stansfield Blows up Rorke's Ship, Preventing His Escape. He attempts to resist and stops them, But The Dark Covenant, Dame And Templar Injure Rorke, Dame Kills Rorke by slitting his Throat.

Later on, Dame is talking to Templar in Blackout. she asks why is he so grim. Templar tells Dame why he served the Dark Covenant for the sake of his daughter Sophia. Templar wanted to Leave the Dark Covenant after he's done with his business, But Dame argues with Templar that Sophia is taken care and belongs to the Dark Covenant. Templar insists that it no longer matters and that he is taking Sophia away, However, Dame mocks him for thinking Sophia would handed over easily and tells him she will be grown up as a operator like them. Templar doesn't believe it, But she tells him that Stansfield and the Fifth Knight filled his head with lies and false promises, Sophia will be an asset to the Dark Covenant and will never let go. Later on, this prompts Templar to slit Dame's throat open with his wristblades, telling her that she has "cut his strings" and that he is nobody's puppet anymore. Dame could only let out a wail of pain until she dies from bleeding out.

However, after apparently killed by Templar, Dame reappears in some time later. During Makarov's Heist at the hacienda, revealed to be alive, and has a job as an arms dealer for an Unknown client.


Hello! Ah, I expect more.
~ Dame when ambushing Price's Team.
Yes, me.
~ Dame to Captain Price.
I do not think this one is unconscious. I think she is... awake.
~ Dame while checking on an unconscious Rosa and then she spits on her.
~ Dame's catchphrase.
With such pleasure.
~ Dame to Rorke.
No. You will not do this.
~ Dame when kicking Ghost after injuring Templar.
~ Dame to Templar while he's injured by Ghost.
You should not be walking.
~ Dame to Templar.
Oh yes, clearly. I cannot imagine why I ever thought otherwise.
~ Dame to Templar.
You need to be in a hospital bed.
~ Dame to Templar.
We should have been better prepared. But Rorke, Hidora... They care only for their own skin. They, They are not fit to lead. The Five Knights deserve a true leader... They deserve you.
~ Dame to Templar about being a leader of The Five Knights.
I suppose you think you are clever. But cleverness is no match for appropriate paranoia.
~ Dame to Rosa.
~ Dame while getting shot by Rosa.
I always like the dark armor better. You were always the best of us, Édouard. Even at your worst. You are a the Templar, the crusader. But you should be a leader. This is what you were born for. And why the Dark Covenant chose you.
~ Dame to Templar about the Dark Covenant and being Leader of the Five Knights.
But now you are. Take The Five Knights, Kill Rorke and take what should be yours by right.
~ Dame to Templar about Killing Rorke.
You're not betraying him. Think it as a "service" to all the soldiers who has to follow Rorke's bad decisions and besides...
~ Dame to Templar.
You will not be alone. I have summoned The Dark Covenant. The Dark Shepherd, Artery, Dark Rider, Witch Doctor, and of course, Stansfield.
~ Dame to Templar that she summoned The Dark Covenant.
But the time to wait is over.
~ Dame when assassinating Rorke's Soldiers.
Ah, such arrogance. We are The Dark Covenant. We have already won.
~ Dame to Rorke.
We are destined. We are the true leaders of the world. And it is time to step into the shadows.
~ Dame before killing Rorke.
As you wish. A new night falls.
~ Dame as she kills Rorke.
Then why are you so grim?
~ Dame to Templar.
Ah, the girl.
~ Dame to Templar about Sophia.
You are infuriating, Édouard! You need to stop complaining about Sophia. She is safer now than she ever has been. She belongs here. She's well protected and provided for here, more than she ever would have been with you. Her life belongs to The Dark Covenant. As does ours, I suggest you accept that and keep your mouth shut.
~ Dame arguing with Templar about Sophia.
Hah, I am done with this. good luck finding her.
~ Dame to Templar.
She is one of us now, Édouard. Bound by blood. She will grow to be an operator, just like us.
~ Dame lies to Templar about Sophia.
Mon Dieu. Has hope made you this stupid? Don't tell me you really expected them to just hand her over to you. She will always be an asset to The Covenant, Édouard, Stansfield and The 5th Knight filled your head with lies and false promises.
~ Dame still arguing with Templar about Sophia.
And we will never let her go.
~ Dame to The Dark Covenant about Sophia.
Are you, Are you laughing?
~ Dame to Templar before her first death.
I had heard the same of you, And I didn't expect you to try to steal this, Nor to get caught. Did you have an escape plan?
~ Dame to Makarov.
I am impressed. But I too am not out of tricks. For instance, The half-ton of plastic explosive armed around the hacienda. Wired into this deadman's switch. In case you were considering using those weapons.
~ Dame to Makarov.
I suppose it might be.
~ Dame to Makarov.
Had I known you were alive, we could have avoided all of this. A new day is coming. One I want to see. I am helping you because there are many debts to be repaid.
~ Dame to Makarov.



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