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Cedric is a supporting antagonist in Peter Jackson's 1989 dark comedy Meet the Feebles.

He is an anthropomorphic warthog who loves to play golf and do drugs. Cedric has a mangy mutt dog agent named Louie. He even has mutant crabs as his own minions.

Cedric first appears playing golf with Bletch and Barry. He made a perfect fore in golf. Cedric was about to try another golf swing, but Bletch accidentally vomited on his foot, making him swing his golf club the wrong way.

While Bletch and his henchmen were driving down to the docks, they ran into Cedric and one of the crabs. Feeling betrayed, Cedric went in hot pursuit after the car in order to stop them from getting the drugs. After Trevor and Barry defeated the crabs, Cedric was about to attack Barry and Trevor, but Barry quickly stabbed the warthog in the chest, killing him.

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