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Kiete karakareta.
~ Celebro's common catchphrase.
During this operation, both operational and maintenance teams committed the grave infraction of refusing orders from General Command. For the further pursuit of our defense strategies, this is a deeply serious problem. Therefore as of this moment, STORAGE will be dismantled.
~ Celebro (possessing Director Kuriyama) blaming the STORAGE for not following "his orders" and disbanded them, which was part of his plan.
I've enjoyed many planets so far. But this moment always excites me. It's a wonderful spectacle. To see fools destroyed by a weapon of their own making, and to hear their cries of agony! (Yoko: Wh-What are you talking about?) I implant fear into planets with civilizations. They make weapon after weapon to defend themselves. And finally, with a weapon they created, they destroy their entire civilization. I have a name for it. The Civilization Self-Destruction Game!
~ Celebro (possessing Director Kuriyama) revealing his true intentions to Yoko before possessing her.

Celebro (セレブロ Sereburo) is the main antagonist in Ultraman Z. He is a parasitic alien life form who enacted the The Civilization Self-Destruction Game (文明自滅ゲーム Bunmei Jimetsu Gēmu) on many civilizations for his own amusement. He arrived on Earth to started the civilization destruction game here and possessed few people who worked at GAFJ for his own purposes. During the climax, he created Ultroid Zero as a final weapon to destroy the entire mankind for his own purpose and transformed it into Destrudos. Finally, he was defeated by Ultraman Z and was taken by Yuka for dissection due to his notorious actions.


Pre-Ultraman Z

Celebro is a cunning and manipulative alien who enacted The Civilization Self-Destruction Game (文明自滅ゲーム Bunmei Jimetsu Gēmu) for his own amusement. He went on many planets and manipulated the entire civilization into making weapons for their defense. However, most of the weapons turned against their creators and destroyed the entire planet. He became infamous for his actions against all sorts of universe, even heard by Jugglus Juggler.

At least a decade prior to the series, Celebro also responsible for the modification of Grigio Raiden as one of many results for his intervention in space civilizations. He sent Raiden on Earth where the humanity would studied them and founded the SC Units, leading the foundation of STORAGE.

After the heroes confront Absolute Tartarus, Celebro possessed Genegarg and stole the Z Riser and Ultra Medals from the Land of Light. Ultraman Hikari then alerted the heroes about what happened, causing Ultraman Z and Zero pursue to chase him.

Ultraman Z

After the destruction of Genegarg, Celebro somehow survived from the attack. At the Monster Research Center, he possessed a worker named Shinya Kaburagi and obtained a Z Riser and an orange splinter-like object.

Shinya witnessing Telesdon attacking the city. Later that night, Shinya received Jirahs Kaiju Medal that was made from a sample he obtained. When Ultraman Z and Windom fight against Telesdon, Shinya throw Jirahs Kaiju Medal onto the monster's mouth in order to upgrade it from Telesdon into Erimaki Telesdon.

Shinya failed to create Belial Ultra Medal with a Devil Splinter due to the essence was not enough. When the Monster Research Center cleaning up Gillvalis' Perfect Body, Shinya found another Devil Splinter. After Gillvalis' destruction, Shinya summoned an army of Valis Raider and ordered them to capture Riku.

The Valis Raiders break the STORAGE headquarters to capture Riku Asakura. Later, the Valis Raider extract the Belial Factor from Riku, and Shinya used it to mix it with the Devil Splinter, which successfully created a Belial Ultra Medal. However, Jugglus Juggler came to rescue Riku and defeated the Valis Raiders.

Meanwhile, Kaburagi uses Belial, Gomora, and Red King medals on it in order to fused into Skull Gomora. During the battle with Z and Geed, Kaburagi then used Belial, Ace Killer, and Eleking Kaiju Medals in order to fused into Thunder Killer to overpower them and later changed into Pedanium Zetton to finish them off. Luckily, Ultraman Zero arrived to help Z and Geed to defeat those monsters. Later, he was confronted by Juggler and quickly shoots him with Gillvalis' remain before he disappeared, but left his ID card here.

When the Monster Research Center tracking to find a trace of vanished UFO, Kaburagi received a genetical material of Golza, Melba, and Super C.O.V. from Alien Pitt sisters and brainwashed them. Later, he used the material to create those Kaiju Medals out of them before he could used them to testing it on fusing them into Tri-King, which the monster fought Sevenger and Windom. The older Pitt sister broke into the mansion of a wealthy man while the younger sister mistaken both Yuka and Yoko as Ultraman Z and kidnapped them. Yoko and Yuka were trapped in a mansion where they met Pitt sisters and Kaburagi. The older sister giving Kaburagi a meteorites containing cells of Gan Q and Reicubas in order to experiment these.

Meanwhile, Juggler gave Kaburagi's ID back to Monster Research Center and found the Ultra Medal manufacturing process. Later, Kaburagi used both meteorites to create a Kaiju Medal out of both. Haruki snuck into the mansion to rescue both Yoko and Yuka and get his Z Riser back. Tri-King fought Ultraman Z in Alpha Edge form. Meanwhile, Yoko and Yuka successfully defeated the Pitt sisters. Though Z managed to overpowered him at first, Kaburagi then used both Gan Q and Reicubas Ultra Medals to turned Tri-King into Five-King. Z turned into Beta Smash and have a trouble difficult in fight with the monster until Juggler gave him a Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia Ultra Medals, resulting him to turned into Gamma Future. With this form, Z managed to destroy the monster. After he was defeated, Kaburagi was confronted by Juggler and leaving his Kaiju Medals behind.

Kaburagi disguised as JAERC officer to stole a briefcase with Cosmos, Nexus, and Mebius Ultra Medals inside from Yoko. During the chase, they encountered King Joe until Ultraman Z fought him. As he was tripped and making the briefcase falls off, King Joe was about to get the briefcase until Z managed to snatches it from him. After Z finally got these Ultra Medals, Kaburagi leaves.

Kaburagi summoned Bullton and threw it in front of STORAGE headquarters to terrorize them. However, he was confronted by Juggler before teleporting him into the bathroom of the HQ.

When Kaburagi was researching, Haruki and Juggler broke onto his hideout and captured him. During interrogation, Haruki and Juggler told him to gave them a Belial Ultra Medal, which he obliged.

A crazed Kaburagi brought a lot of monster samples to create more Kaiju Medals. Later during the battle between Ultraman Z and Horoboros, enraged Kaburagi, wanted his Belial Medal back, throw Gillvalis and Galactron MK2 Kaiju Medals towards Horoboros to turned him into Metsuboros. After Ultraman Z turned into his Delta Rise Claw form to finish Metsuboros off, Kaburagi furiously yelled at him to give him back the Belial Medal. After Ultraman Z finished off Metsuboros with Beliarok's Deathcium Slash, Kaburagi laughing crazily before he was pushed by the force of the attack.

Kaburagi was seen on the computer where Juggler reading his arrest warrant. Later that night after the defeat of second Alien Barossa, Kaburagi was seen gravely injured from the battle between Z and Horoboros. When he was captured by the captain of GAJF Police Department, Takeshi Asano, Celebro quickly possessed him and is no longer controlling Kaburagi's body. After that, Celebro (currently possessing Asano) arrest Kaburagi and blames on him for all his atrocities.

Several days later, the GAJF finished the D4 weapon experiment. Celebro then shifts his possession from Asano from Kuriyama into forcing the STORAGE to use the weapon and ignoring their protest. With Kuriyama under his cover, he disbanded the STORAGE for not following "his orders".

After Juggler (as Five King) was defeated, Kuriyama was seen walking to the Kaiju Medals and picking up a Golza medal.

Kuriyama announced that SAAG will replace STORAGE and ensured that Ultroid Zero will be needed without Ultraman's help before muttering "Karekareta". When Yuka discovered that these five monsters were experimented under GAJF's supervision, she tried to told Kuriyama to delay it but was dismissed. While watching Ultroid Zero and Ultraman Z battling with the monsters, Kuriyama ordered Nakashima to fire D4 Ray several times. After Ultroid Zero (via reluctant and scarred Yoko) finally fired the D4 Ray to those monsters, Mai celebrates and the others were disgusted at this while Kuriyama sinisterly muttering "Karekareta" again.

Kuriyama transformed into Five King to attack both Z and Juggler. Juggler transformed into Zeppandon and fought with him. When Juggler guesses Celebro was the one who's possessing Kuriyama and was the Five King, Celebro blamed him for trying to steal Ultroid Zero from him. After Ultraman Z attacked Zeppandon, Juggler revealed that his true intention was to stop the war and carrying out justice. Z and Juggler work together to defeat Celebro, but Z is quickly defeated. When Juggler was about to take Ultroid Zero, Celebro threatened him to absorbed Haruki if he stole it from him, which he obliged. Both of the monsters fired their beams until it explodes. With Juggler defeated while lying on the ground, Celebro is injured from the fight and take away Ultraman Belial Medal from wounded Haruki. When he was hospitalized, Haruki told both Yuka and Kojiro that Kuriyama has his left eye glowing red. At the SAAG headquarters, Kuriyama revealed Hebikura's identity to Mai and the others, and claimed the others to be alien in suspicion. Meeting Yoko at the hangar, Kuriyama revealed his true intentions to her before he quickly possessed her to take control of Ultroid Zero. He even refused to respond Mai's orders. There, Ultroid Zero attacking Monster Containtment Sites and went around the world to absorbed hibernated monsters. He went to Fukama City to absorbed Red King. Before he could do anything to the egg, Ultraman Z arrived and stopped him from doing so. Celebro cruelly "thanking" Z for "helping" him in his plans right before he used the Kaiju Medals to turned Ultroid Zero into Destrudos. Ultraman Z tried to defeat him, no matter how much he tried in his three forms, Destrudos was far more powerful than him and could easily defeated him. After his defeat, Ultraman Z parted his ways from Haruki for safety.

Destrudos traveling around the world and attacking every major city here, wiping out all over Allied Forces, with STORAGE remained the only ones left. Destrudos returned to Japan and fought with STORAGE's King Joe and Windom. After overwhelming them, it was about to fired a D4 Ray at them before Sevenger intervenes. Yuka telling Haruki that Yoko's behind the chest main cannon. In order to save Yoko, Sevenger and Windom attacked Destrudos before restraining it. King Joe then fired a Pedanium Particle Cannon at Destrudos' chest main cannon before brought it up to the sky. After Yoko managed to restrained from Celebro's possession thanks to Haruki, Celebro decided to possess Destrudos just if he can't have her control the monster, then he will. Destrudos firing Destrudo Thunder Blast at King Joe that leads Haruki and Yoko were free falling together. Haruki used a Z Riser to transformed into Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw with the help of Yoko. After putting Yoko back to the ground safely, Z began to fought Destrudos with the help of Beliarok. When Destrudos was about to fire a D4 Ray on them, Z and Beliarok tried to repeal the beam before the weapon sacrificed itself to take on a full-blow right on Destrudos' chest main cannon before it creates a backlash and Z reverted back to his original form. With Z exhausted and Destrudos regenerate himself, STORAGE encouraged and yell at Haruki/Z to stand up. Finally got his spirit back, Z decided to fought Destrudos using strength. Had enough of this, Destrudos fired a D4 Ray before Z fired a Zestium Beam, causing both to have a beam clash. Z then creates a larger and powerful beam at Destrudos, easily destroyed it. However, Celebro survived from the attack. When he tried to escape, Juggler blocked him from getting away. Finally, Celebro met his loss as Yuka and Kaburagi captured him for dissection.


  • Because of manipulating other races and caused the annihilation of their civilizations, Celebro might arguably have the most highest bodycount in the Reiwa era of the Ultraman series, if not, the whole franchise in comparisons to its other villains.


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