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My lies must never be too extravagant...
~ Celestia Ludenberg
THAT WAS BULLSHIT! You idiots don't know the first thing about desperate! I have loathed on all of you to get out of this Roman holiday!
~ Celestia Ludenberg telling her friends that everything about sticking together in harmony was nothing but a lie.

Celestia "Celeste" Ludenberg is a character from the Danganronpa franchise. She starts out as a supporting character, but she is later revealed to be a murderer that has to be brought down. Her title is that of the Ultimate Gambler, and she is also known as Queen of Liars. She is a major antagonist in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and its anime, a redeemed antagonist in Danganronpa IF, and a posthumous antagonist in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc.

She was voiced by Hekiru Shiina in Japanese and Marieve Herington in the English version. In the anime, she is voiced by Lindsay Seidel.


Celestia has a slim figure and pale skin. She has black hair (in the video it is shown as dark deep blue) in two large twin-drill pigtails (which are apparently clip-ons as mentioned in the art book), red eyes, gold earrings, and black nail polish. Celestia wears gothic lolita style clothing with a black and white dress with a fitted long-sleeved windbreaker, thigh highs with white laces at the top, a white bonnet with ribbons on the sides, a red tie and high pumps with buckle straps (which resembles a maid outfit but is more unique and stylish). It should be noted that she wears a silver colored, metal finger stall on her right index finger.


Celestia presents herself as a cunning and collected girl who is mostly pragmatic. She is able to manipulate people on her whims, and with such bluffing skills, she managed to win a lot of money in the underground gambling world, for a dream of 'living in a castle surrounded with handsome servants dressing like vampires'. She is also ruthless to a degree and has no regards to human lives. If they would serve as pawns to be manipulated and disposed for her sake, so be it. She tends to categorize people with 'rankings', with ranking 'D' being mostly everyone, and 'F' being the lowest, and she wanted to send assassins to kill such people. In the game, by going through her Free Time events, only the protagonist Makoto Naegi managed to reach rank 'C', and for Celestia, that's about as equal as 'being her Knight/bodyguard'.

Celestia is capable of hiding her surprisingly short temper. If her patience is pushed, she'd drop her calm, manipulative facade and start screaming angrily, often swearing. In the English version, her European accent also starts to fade.



Celestia was born in a rural country as a plain girl named Taeko Yasuhiro. She took a liking of the normal food gyoza and cannot hide the fact that she liked the food. Once she later discovered her talents in gambling and lying, she took the stage persona 'Celestia Ludenberg' and becomes involved in many underground gambling joints, embracing the ruthless persona wholeheartedly. The manga of Danganronpa seemed to imply that this was because as the plain Taeko Yasuhiro, she was suffering of being ignored and unloved for her plainness.

She attended Hope Peak's Academy and eventually agreed to stay in the school per the request of the previous headmaster. However, soon after, the 'Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History' occurred, and Celestia lost her memory.

High School of Mutual Killing

Celestia later woke up from a blackout and found herself trapped in the Academy with Monokuma declaring that all students would not be allowed to leave unless they commit a perfect murder. Celestia suggests that they just adapt to the new living environment and not killing each other. However, deep down she was infuriated that she could not continue pursuing her dream and desperately wanted to get out.

Celestia provided help and insight towards the students inside when the first two murders occurred, helping them survive. However, if they picked the wrong murderer, everyone would be killed.


Monokuma would usually give a 'motive' for everyone to murder each other; first was 'doing something horrible to a dear person of a student', the second was 'exposing one nasty secret of a student'. Celestia was unfazed with all those. However, for the third time, Monokuma offered a large sum of money for the one who graduated. This was the push for Celestia to give in to her own greed to pursue her dream, the money from Monokuma and the money generated from her gambling activities would be enough to buy a castle with servants. Furthermore, seeing that the other students were crazed over the AI Alter Ego, created by the recently deceased Chihiro Fujisaki, and speaking with it like a new human being, while Celestia, who could not see it as nothing more than an AI, finally made her decision that the students are not worth saving and can just be killed for her dreams like usual.

For that, Celestia instigated a grand plan. First, she would hide Alter Ego to a locker, causing a rift to form between Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Hifumi Yamada, who had both become attached to the AI. With that, Celestia approached Hifumi and manipulated him to become her accomplice, saying that Kiyotaka hid Alter Ego and forced Celestia to confess to the crime or else she would be sexually assaulted. Hifumi agreed to kill Kiyotaka and they decided to put Yasuhiro Hagakure as a scapegoat, drugging him and putting him into the clunky 'Robo Justice' suit to make it look like he kidnapped Hifumi.

Celestia then took the other students into a goose-chase party while Hifumi killed Kiyotaka and made it look like he had also been 'killed' by the mysterious assailant. However, Celestia soon turned her back against Hifumi and killed him without remorse (although the manga implied that she did have a tingle bit of remorse, but decided to ignore it).

As the Class Trial begun, Makoto Naegi managed to piece the information that Yasuhiro was innocent and eventually suspected Celestia, from various blunders she made throughout the case. This is where Celestia's facade drops and she starts screaming madly trying to 'defend' her innocence. However, Makoto pushed on and eventually Celestia realized that she lost the case, and decided to accept her punishment with grace instead of squirming out. After handing Kyoko Kirigiri the key she used to hide Alter Ego, she bid the students farewell and hopes that they'll meet again in another life.


Celestia's execution, titled "The Burning of the Versailles Witch", had her standing on a stake to be burnt like a witch. This was the kind of romantic death she wanted. However, shortly after, a fire truck ran in at blazing speed, headed towards the stake and crushed Celestia to death, ruining the 'romantic' death she wanted.

Danganronpa IF

In an alternate, non-canon story where Makoto Naegi found an escape switch and ended up saving the life of Mukuro Ikusaba at cost of his health, Monokuma's games were thrown off the rails and as a result, Celestia managed to keep the hope within her to stay with her friends instead of sacrificing them for her selfish dream, helping them to face the mastermind Junko Enoshima. As a result, she would survive the High School of Mutual Killing and escape Hope Peak's Academy with the other students.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc

Celestia appears in Makoto's nightmare alongside her other classmates; she is seen being burned as a corpse, next to Sakura Ogami.



  • Celestia states that her dream is to live in an opulent castle and be waited on by handsome young men dressed as vampires.
  • Celestia admits that she once managed to accumulate over ten billion yen through gambling.
  • Despite wanting to be a cultured person, Celestia admits that she likes gyoza.
  • Her false first name comes from the word "celestial", meaning "pertaining to the sky or visible heaven, or to the universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere".
  • In some Free-Time Events, she makes references to a few gambling series:
    • She states that she played mahjong against a "crazy rich old man" and a "silver-haired boy", referencing the manga series Akagi.
    • She won a tournament of shogi against an "unusual maid", referencing the manga series 81diver.
    • She claims the most dangerous situation she ever found herself in was the The Liar King, in which she played against an unusual pair consisting of a "foolishly-honest girl" and a "master con artist", referencing the manga series Liar Game.

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