Celestine was a major villain in the spawn series as a villain in the Violator vs Badrock series and later towards Glory.


Celestine was one of the most loyal followers of heaven and managed to fought the rebels which she realises that she enjoys killing more than seving god. at could return Celestine to life even though it had been banned centuries earlier. Though successful, when Celestine awoke, she was not herself, and was in fact more violent and brutal than before. She then led an uprising in the home world of the Angels, Elysia, before being defeated by Glory and the freelance Angel known as Angela. She first appears in the Badrock vs Violator series as  a major villain where she was sent by heaven to kill Violator but was defeated by Glory and killed by Badrock. Later after her Death she was revived and seeked to take down Glory after she defeated her only to be deafeated by Angela forcing her to flee and swore revenge.

powers and ablities

Being an angelic warior she posses many weapons and super human ablities.

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