The Cemetery Living Dead is a zombie who appears as an antagonist in the opening of the 1968 horror film Night of the Living Dead.

He was portrayed by Bill Hinzman, who would later return to film new scenes for the 30th Anniversary Edition of the film. In the 1990 remake of the same name, the character is played by Greg Funk.


In life, the unnamed man was a child murderer who was executed for his crimes by electric chair. He was taken to a cemetery where the murdered child's parents were waiting to see his body. The man returned to life as a zombie and began attacking the group who retreated leaving him behind.

The zombie came across two siblings Barbara and Johnny who were visiting their mother's grave. The zombie attacked Barbara and then fought her brother who jumped to her defensive. The zombie overpowered Johnny and hit his head off a gravestone killing him instantly. Barbara retreated and the zombie gave chase and smashed the window of her car and tried to attack her again. Barbara pulled the break and got a good distance from the zombie, but crashed into a tree and continued to retreat to a farmhouse.

The cemetery zombie joined other zombies as they tried to enter the farmhouse containing Barbara and other survivors. At the climax of the film they manage to enter and Barbara is dragged into the crowd, and the only survivor Ben escapes to the basement.

The next day the cemetery zombie is shot dead.

Other versions

Cemetery zombie 1990

In the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead, a more disfigured version of the Cemetery zombie appears. His role is almost the same as in the original film, he attacks Barbara and subsequently kills Johnny by smashing his head off a gravestone. The cemetery zombie is then joined by the "Autopsy zombie" (who appears to have escaped from his casket) and they try to gain entrance into Barbara's car. She manages to pull the break and it goes down a hill and smashes into a tree, and she flees from the pair.


  • Bill Hinzman - who played the character in the original Night of the Living Dead - wrote, directed, produced and starred in his own independent zombie film in 1988 called Flesheater (or Zombie Nosh).
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