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~ Cemetery Wind's motto.

Cemetery Wind is the the main antagonistic faction of the 2014 film Transformers: Age of Extinction and a posthumous antagonistic faction in its 2017 sequel Transformers: The Last Knight.

It is a secret black ops unit of the Central Intelligence Agency created by Harold Attinger, a corrupt government official who was also a highly decorated CIA representative at the time. Among the members of Cemetery Wind was the organization's field commander and Attinger's personal henchman James Savoy. Although it seemed that they were hunting down the remaining Decepticons only, they had delusions of protecting Earth by also eliminating the Autobots without the US government's knowledge or consent.



Cemetery Wind was formed after the Battle of Chicago and the disbandment of NEST, as the humans alliance with the Autobots had been terminated. They were tasked to eliminate any remaining Decepticons on Earth, while working along side with Optimus Prime and the Autobots when they are still allies with the government and president and ordered to leave the Autobots alones. But Attinger secretly disobeyed the President; he decided to launch an Anti-Autobot operation. He soon took advantage of his authority by making a deal with Lockdown, a non-aligned Cybertronian bounty hunter who was seeking to capture Optimus Prime and bring him to The Creators. In exchange for Lockdown's collaboration with Attinger's ambitions, Cemetery Wind would help Lockdown capture Optimus for him. Attinger's plan involved killing countless Autobots and Deceptions before delivering their remains to KSI to melt them down for materials - specifically in order to rebuild them as artificial, remote-controlled Transformers that would make them serve a better place for the world. Cemetery Wind also decided to go as far as have anyone killed for discovering his illcit operations. Furthermore, they fabricated themselves as a functioning state police force who offered financial rewards to ordinary civilians that would report alien activity towards them.

Targeting the Autobots

Soon enough, Cemetery Wind successfully killed off Leadfoot before shipping his remains in to KSI. They later located Ratchet and mortally wounded him, shortly before Lockdown then executes Ratchet after the latter refuses to reveal Optimus' whereabouts. Afterwards, Lockdown began to reconsider his contract with Cemetery Wind as their attempts to find Optimus grew futile. When Attinger meets up with Lockdown at one point, it is explained by Lockdown that he and Cemetery Wind did find Optimus in Mexico City; they fought him to the point where Lockdown managed to shoot Optimus three times, but in the end Optimus still managed to escape and flee from his pursuers. Because of this, Lockdown angrily blamed Cemetery Wind for the complications they had to go through in hunting down Optimus.

Confronting the Yeager family and their car chase in Texas

Eventually, Cemetery Wind tracked down Optimus at a barn owned by ambitious inventor Cade Yeager. The discovery was made when Cade's friend, Lucas Flannery, decided to contract Cemetery Wind about Optimus' whereabouts in order to receive a substantial paycheck; when Savoy and his unit arrived, however, they instead pointed guns at Lucas after being unable to find Optimus. Under Attinger's orders, Savoy has the unit apprehend Cade and his daughter Tessa upon suspecting them and Lucas of hiding the Autobot leader. Attinger decided to have them killed, but Savoy never got the chance when Optimus emerged and attacked Cemetery Wind - refusing to to sacrifice Cade and Tessa's lives to further ensure his own safety. Optimus' interference allowed the Yeagers and Lucas to escape, but he was forced to flee as well when Lockdown started perusing him on his own. A chase erupted in the city with Cemetery Wind pursuing the Yeagers and Lucas, who moments ago were rescued by Tessa's boyfriend Shane in his car. The humans successfully escaped by driving off a ramp. However, the car broke down and Lockdown thereupon grew a grenade at them just as Optimus arrived to collect the humans; although the Yeagers and Shane managed to escape with Optimus just in time, Lucas was killed by Lockdown's grenade.

Following Optimus' escape once more, Attinger scolds and demerits his men for their failure to capture Optimus - not taking into account at all that Optimus was too biologically powerful to be captured by humans.

The Hong King Battle

As time went on, Cemetery Wind continued to face complications when the other surviving Autobots regrouped with Optimus and their efforts to investigate KSI subsequently results in their leader Joshua Joyce betraying Attinger upon discovering his true intentions. Moreover, one of KSI's prototype drones called Galvatron - who in reality was Megatron, the Decepticons leader - ended up rebelling against KSI before setting off the drones to invade Hong King.

When all parties came together in Hong Kong, Attinger and Savoy resolved to kill Joshua alongside both the Yeagers and Shane in order to cover-up their illicit activities. However, Cemetery Wind failed to apprehend Joshua and later on Savoy is killed by Cade in a brawl between them. Afterwards, the Autobots managed to win the battle against the Decepticons shortly before Lockdown intervenes. Optimus then battles Lockdown, during which Attinger himself confronts Cade at gunpoint and prepares to kill him; however, Optimus saves Cade by killing Attinger with a single blast and then goes on to proceed in killing Lockdown after a lengthy battle.

Conclusion and Disbandment

Following the deaths of both Attinger and Savoy, as well as Lockdown's death and the end of the Hong Kong battle, Cemetery Wind's illcit activities were finally exposed to the point where the CIA had terminated the black ops unit before labeling Cemetery Wind as a terrorist organization It was presumed that the other Cemetery Wind agents either have been killed or arrested for their crimes, as they are now No. 1 on the NSA, CIA, Interpol and FBI's most wanted list.


However, the dissolved remnants of Cemetery Wind were reformed into a new private military organization called the TRF - known as Transformers Reactions Force. At first the TRF were created for the same intentions of Cemetery Wind; to destroy the entire factions of Transformers, both Autobots and Decepticons, hiding in Earth. However, unlike Cemetery Wind, the TRF ended up redeeming itself when they united with the Autobots to save the world from the Decepticons again. Afterwards, the TRF was disbanded and henceforth Cemetery Wind was officially no more.



  • Known Transformers labeled on Attinger's cards are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Sentinel Prime, Starscream, Ironhide, Shockwave, Wheeljack/Que, Mirage/Dino, Arcee (misspelled as "Acree"), the Driller, Garbagebot (misspelled as "Garagebot") and Loader.
    • The latter two were retroactively established to be the identity two incidental Decepticons featured in Dark of the Moon Loader is stated to be the Superfund truck Decepticon by Ask Vector Prime. Meanwhile, Garbagebot is the identity of a garbage truck Decepticon resembling Long Haul
  • Aside from Ratchet and Leadfoot, Cemetery Wind also killed Sideswipe, according to the Transformers: Age of Extinction Topps Europe collector cards.
    • However, it is unknown if they killed Mirage or Roadbuster as neither of them returned in subsequent films after Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
    • Fortunately, Mirage's card does not have a red square, possibly indicating that he is still alive. Meanwhile, Topspin is shown to be alive in Transformers: The Last Knight.

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