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The Rhino Galactabeast is transformed into a Megazord composed of 5 small car Zords (labeled C1 through C5). The Centaurus can fire a powerful laser cannon. After a long battle with Scorpius 3,000 years ago, the Phoenix, Rhino and Shark Galactabeasts lost their powers, doomed to float forever in an asteroid field, until Deviot captured them, rebuilt them and brainwashed them into his slaves.

The Lost Galactabeasts Part 1

3,000 years later, Deviot carries his three brainwashed zords to the Scorpion Stinger to show to Scorpius, who was doubtful at first, and wanted proof of the Zords' powers, which Deviot was going to do. First, Deviot captures Kai and Damon, brings them to a deserted planet and puts obedience collars on their necks to have them fight against each other to power up his evil zords, but the two rangers needed a break since they were exhausted, which Deviot regretfully agreed with. After Kai and Damon's break, their obedience collars once again force the two to fight each other again. Finally, with Damon close to killing Kai, the first instead through it onto the machine controlling their obedience collars, causing it to explode. Having done this, Kai and Damon yank off the obedience collars and escape, with Deviot and a few Stingwingers pursuing them. When the rangers used the Lights of Orion to kill Deviot, their attack orb was absorbed by the remote that controls Deviot's three zords. With the remote having enough energy to summon them, Deviot calls upon the Stratoforce Megazord and Centaurus Megazord to destroy the rangers. However, the rangers summon their Galactabeasts and Torozord to fight the two evil swords, but once the fight started, the Galaxy Megazord and the Defender Torozord refused to fight back, hinting the zords know of each other. To finish Deviot's proof to Scorpius, he commands the Stratoforce Megazord to use its Strato-Boomerang on the megazords while he commands the Centaurus Megazord to use its Centaur-Cannon on the megazords, which they both did. Having felt that he has enough proof for Scorpius, Deviot calls his two zords off to return to the evil Zenith Carrierzord.