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The Center for Chaos Containment is the overarching villainous faction of the Henry Stickmin series.

The organization is the unseen overarching villain of Escaping the Prison, a major villain in Stealing the Diamond, a supporting villain in Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission. One of their agents also has a quick cameo in Fleeing the Complex.

They are called upon to contain chaos, though they often cause damage to the surrounding area in the process.


Stealing the Diamond

The Center for Chaos Containment is first seen in the Just Plain Epic route after Henry Stickmin powers himself up with a Super Mushroom in his attempts to steal the Tunisian Diamond. Their commander tells a corporal to press the buttons to contain the chaos. There are four options:

  • Calculator: This causes a calculator to drop from the cieling. Henry picks up the calculator which types "1337" much to his delight, but it divides by zero and Henry gets killed when it destroys the area around him in the resulting explosion, causing a death, which leads to fail. The fail message reads: "Sorry, I was in the bathroom. What'd I mi- Where'd... Where is everyone?"
  • Nuke: This causes a nuclear bomb to strike the surrounding area, destroying the museum in the process, resulting in a death. The fail message reads: "Don't feel too bad, he probably camped for the 25 kills he needed to get that nuke."
  • Satellite: This activates a satellite which proceeds to reveal itself as a robotic Shoop-Da-Whoop that nukes the area with a giant laser, leading to a fail whose message reads: "Don't feel too bad, he probably camped for the 25 kills he needed to get that nuke." (Shoop-Da-Whoop is a character from the "Lazer Collection" video series and can fire lasers from his mouth.)
  • Robot: This causes an attack robot to demolish the museum, launching the Tunisian diamond out as Henry makes his getaway. This leads to the ending as Henry manages to find the diamond.

Infiltrating the Airship

In the Pure Blooded Thief route, Henry crashes the Toppat Clan's skyship by dismantling the ship's left propeller with his Power Armour. The ship crashlands near a Chaos Containment base. The employee, Wilson, can choose from four weapons:

  • Dark Energy Blaster: A dangerous weapon that destroys the surrounding region, including the CCC's base. This results in a fail.
  • G.A.B.E.N.: Here, Wilson summons a giant superweapon called the G.A.B.E.N., but it destroys the area, leading to a death whose fail's message reads, "error: stack overflow System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file C:\Program Files\HL3\GABEN.dll Dump cache;"
  • Laser Cutters: Lasers strike from above, severing the section of land that sports the fight between the Government and the Toppat Clan. This results in a fail as the vacuum of space suffocates Henry. The message reads: "We'll take our problems and PUSH them somewhere else!"
  • Prototype Weapon: Here, mechas decimate many fighters with their weapons. Henry hitches a ride on one to get away with his Ruby.

Completing the Mission

In the Toppat 4 Life route, the Center returns with four options to contain the chaos:

  1. Speaker: This causes a nuclear bomb to strike the area, leading to a failure. The message reads: "Gee, the Center of Chaos Containment sure has a surplus of nuclear bombs, huh..."
  2. Ultimate Freeze: This causes everything to freeze within the area, causing another failure whose message reads: "Chaos contained."
  3. The Angry Moon: This turns the moon into a giant missile that smashes the area, a callback to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, where the main antagonist, Majora, tries to destroy the world by turning the Angry Moon into a giant missile and aiming it toward Hyrule as a part of his mad plans. The resultant failure's message reads: "You should have thought about what I am willing to do in order to get the job done."
  4. G.A.B.E.G.G.: Here, a giant mechanical egg robot shoots lasers that disrupt the government's attack, so Henry can rejoin with the Toppats.

Multiverse Correction

In order to keep the balance in the Multiverse, the CCC sends a package to Henry, letting him break out of prison, which would slowly lead to other games.


  • Although they are villains, the CCC aren't antagonists.
  • The Center for Chaos Containment is allied with The Wall, run by Dmitri Johannes Petrov.
    • The CCC have a liason inside The Wall, that will report any chaos inside the complex.
    • The CCC and The Wall will both attack the Government. However, the CCC doesn't take action in the Convict Allies route, most likely because the liason, Kyle Baxter, was caught in the middle of the riot, scared by the situation.
  • Despite being designed to stop chaos they usually end up causing it or worsening it.
  • Apparently, the CCC gives cards that notify that one's location is cleared from potential chaos.