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Centorrior is a minor antagonist in the first season of Bakugan. He is a Darkus/Pyrus hybrid Bakugan living in the world of Pyrus and Darkus and is a servant of Naga.

He was voiced by Takashi Kondō in Japanese and Scott McCord in English.


Centorrior may sound formal like a knight, but he is filled with evil. Centorrior uses Darkus abilities to make his foes suffer and has no problem killing the elderly.


Druman and Centror first appeared in the joint Pyrus-Darkus world when they chased away an army of Darkus Gargonoids from Dan and Drago. Despite this, Centorrior says it was all for selfish reasons, as he wanted to fight them alone. Before they can fight, however, Nova Lion takes Dan and Drago away. Centorrior and Druman later catch up to them and they fight again. Centorrior takes on Nova Lion killing him and badly injuring Drago. Despite this, Masquerade and Hydranoid arrive to help out their rivals, Hydranoid defeating Centorrior with the Darkus long range attack while Drago beats Druman with Dragonic Ogre.

Later, he, along with the other Gatekeepers, go to Earth and attack to find the Infinity Core. Centorrior fights Chan Lee's Fortress and beats him after a long fight.

He and Druman later face Drago in a rematch who has help from Tiggera. Drago takes on Druman while Teggrea fight Centorror. When the evil Knight Bakugan is about to beat her, the other Brawlers (except Shun and Alice), as well as Klaus, Juilo, Komba, and Billy arrive to help. Once they see Wavern being tortured Drago rushes to save her only to have Centorrior put up a barrier to prevent the Brawlers from reaching Naga. Despite this, he is killed by Drago, and his barrier fades away.


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