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The Central Park Thief

The Central Park Thief is a minor antagonist of the 1984 film The Muppets Take Manhattan. He is an unnamed thief who tried to steal Miss Piggy's purse.

He was portrayed by the stuntman Gary Tacon.


The thief was first seen spotting Miss Piggy as she accidentally got her hand on sidewalk gum stuck on a pole in Central Park. Spotting her purse, the thief violently grabs it and makes for an instant run. Enraged, Miss Piggy decides to resort to action by borrowing another man's skates to catch up to the thief.

After being chased down throughout Central Park, the thief seemingly loses Miss Piggy from his tracks and checks out the contents inside her purse, finding nothing to be of high value. Just then, Miss Piggy finally jumps over a rock and pounces at the thief, witnessed by several civilians and a policeman, who demands to know what's going on. The thief tried to falsely claim that Miss Piggy "stole his purse", but no one accepts this claim; even the policeman furiously mocks the thief for this before placing him under arrest.

As the policeman takes the thief into custody, Miss Piggy loudly remarks that it will teach the thief a lesson for trying to steal her purse. It can be implied that the thief will serve a sentence in prison for theft.


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