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The Centurion is a minor antagonist in the controversial religious film "Passion of The Christ" and has become quite infamous for his exceptional cruelty during the already brutal crucifiction of Jesus Christ, having a bad-temper and being jeered by his own soldiers he decided to take out his anger on the hapless Savior by ordering his men to lash Jesus repeatedly with metal barbs until his back was horribly mutilated.

Not content with this the Centurion orders Jesus to be turned over and has his men do the same mutilation to Jesus' chest and torso - the torture was so severe that Pontius Pilate himself has to stop it.

The Centurion, like many of the human antagonists in the film, was likely corrupted by the presence of Satan - who appeared at irregular points in the film. Though with the death of Christ it was believed sin was forgiven, it was unclear if the Centurion redeemed himself or not at a later stage but given his attitude in the film he likely never felt remorse for his actions.