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Centurious is a villain in the Marvel Comics, and is an enemy to Ghost Rider, Mephisto, and Zarathos.


Centurious was once a young prince at a time when Earth was young. He was in love with a beautiful princess. However the cult of Zarathos both destroyed their village, and kidnapped his love interest and was planned to be used as a sacrifice to Zarathos. Centurious scaled the mountain of meditation and nearly died. He prayed to his gods, saying that he would give anything to save his princess, even his soul. Mephisto heard his cries and took his soul for the chance to save his love interest. Needless to say he won his princess back, but could not love her, because Centurious had no emotions due to having no soul. Because of this, Centurious has plotted his revenge on his sworn enemies Mephisto, Zarathos, and Ghost Rider.

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