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The Cerberus unit are the main antagonistic group of the controversial videogame Manhunt. Their leader is the homicidal Cerberus Leader. The group is designed to protect Lionel Starkweather at any costs and eliminate every single threat.


The Cerberus first appears after James Earl Cash kills most of the Hoods, the weakest gang in the game, they ambush Cash and drop him off in the courtyward where he fights against the white supremacist group, Skinz. They later capture him again and place him in the zoo where he has a battle against Wardogs to save his family and later a battle against the lunatic Innocentz. Cash was supposed to be killed by psychotic Smileys but he kills them and also kills White Rabbit. Cerberus kills some SWAT members before they can destroy Lionel's plans, Cash is captured a final time and taken to the estate, where he finds Piggsy and escapes along with him. Piggsy kills some Cerberus and allowing Cash to escape and get his revenge on Lionel. Cash unfortunely has to kill Piggsy in order to take his chainsaw and have a final battle with the Cerberus. Cash finally kills the last of the Cerberus members and then brutally kills Lionel.



  • Cerberus' Protective Gear is heavily inspired by Kerberos Panzer Cops Trilogy.
  • Cerberus bears a strong resemblance to HUNK from the Resident Evil franchise.
  • Cerberus can be seen as a cameo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
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