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Mendez, I see you Rifa motherf--ker!
~ Cesar to T-Bone Mendez, shortly before kills him.

Cesar Vialpando is the tritagonist of the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is the leader of the gang, Varrios Los Aztecas, and the boyfriend of the protagonist's sister, Kendl Johnson. Also, he is the cousin of an another villain, Catalina.

He was voiced by Clifton Collins Jr., who also played Ayel in the 2009 Stark Trek film and Lawrence Gonzalez in Westworld.


Prior to the events of the game, at one point Cesar joined Varrios Los Aztecas eventually becoming its leader after a period of time. Later he meets and begins a relationship with Kendl Johnson much to the disapproval and dismay of her brother Sweet Johnson who is leader of the Grove Street Families

In Los Santos

Cesar is first seen after the lowrider competition between an Azteca and Carl, in El Corona. Kendl introduces him to Carl as her boyfriend, and they met. Carl first acts distrustful to Cesar, but they become associate and good friends shortly after. Cesar invites Carl to a lowrider racing competition, and Carl wins the competition.

Later, while Carl goes to the shootout at Mulholland Intersection, Cesar calls him to meet him under the intersection and shows Carl that Ryder and Big Smoke betrayed the GSF and working with C.R.A.S.H. members Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, Carl tells him he did the right thing for informing him about this incident. Realizing Sweet is in trouble, Carl tells Ceasar to take Kendl and leave Los Santos immediately before Sweet ends up in a prison hospital and Carl is captured by Tenpenny and Pulaski.

In San Fierro

Cesar and Kendl are forced to leave Los Santos, like Carl. They met at a trailer in Angel Pine and talked for a while. Later, they met again at Carl's new garage in San Fierro. Cesar helps Carl to stealing cars and killing Rifa and Loco Syndicate members, such as Jizzy and T-Bone as well as killing former GSF member Ryder. Also, Cesar calls and notifies Carl about Big Smoke's drug couriers.

In the Desert and Las Venturas

Cesar helps Carl to steal a truck, by the request of Mike Toreno.

Returning Los Santos

Cesar is seen at Madd Dogg's mansion after Carl returns Los Santos, He along with CJ, Kendl, the recently released Sweet, Maccer and The Truth watch as Tenpenny get acquitted of all the charges against him causing Los Santos to erupt in riots as a consequence (a fictional deception of the 1992 Los Angeles riots). With chaos everywhere in the city, Cesar calls Carl Johnson for help to kill Vagos members that took his home over, in Las Colinas they are successful and during the same mission he tells CJ his intent to propose to Kendl to which Carl gives him his blessing before asking him to talk to Sweet about it due to Sweet not trusting him in the first place.

After CJ kills Big Smoke for his betrayal and chases Tenpenny into Grove Street, he witnesses Tenpenny emerge from the fire truck ranting about how he can change the city before subsequently dying of his wounds. After this he suggest getting something to eat. In the end after everything is said and done he is seen with the Johnson siblings celebrating their victory when Madd Dogg announces his first gold record.


  • Cesar reveals that he has an acrophobia.
  • His reaction to his cousins death was never shown obvious to the fact that he does not appear in GTA III and stays in Los Santos with Kendl after she and Claude leave San Andreas.



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