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You speak my name, but you do not know me! I am Ch'rell, Oroku Saki, Duke Acureds, the one TRUE Shredder! I am a destroyer of worlds, and I FEAR NO ONE!
~ Ch'rell to the Turtles.

Ch'rell is an utrom in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise. He was from the 2003 series as the Utrom Shredder as made it in the comics as a separate villain from both Krang and Shredder. His first form of comic was in the Mirage Comics as a heroic Utrom while in the IDW comics he was a major villain served as General Krang's right hand man.

He as voiced by Scottie Ray.


Ch'rell in the mirage comics

Ch'rell first appeared in a cameo in the Mirage comics as a heroic Utrom aiding one of the Turtles in a cameo.

Ch'rell later appears in the IDW comics version as one of the major antagonists.He was once Colonel Ch'rell one of the Utroms that was exiled in the race on earth and was sleeping on status inside the Technodrome. Ch'rell was described by Professor Honeycutt as being Krang's deadliest warrior, just as guilty as war crimes as his superior officer, and one of the Utroms that has a panicular for violence.

It was because of this he was in stasis and after Krang's trial and death the remaining followers of Krang free him. They explain to Ch'rell what happened to Krang and that they need him to take the lead and dislikes that his sister Ma'rhell had become the new leader of the Utroms and turning them into a peaceful race. Ch'rell and his group escape to the island and decides to continue where his master Krang left off. He later was forced in alliance with the Turtles and The Triceratons against Bishop and his forces. After this Ch'rell and his forces go on their separate ways and going back to being enemies with the Turtles eventually.


  • Ch'rell in the comics is portrayed much differently than his original TV series counterpart. The most notable being that he is a lot less ruthless.
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