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Chachakaka is a Kaka assassin hired by the Hazuki family in BlazBlue: Remix Heart. Unlike her partner Shiori Kirihito, Chachakaka does recon and intelligence work and rarely does actual assassinations.


Chachakaka first appears in Chapter 13 of BlazBlue: Remix Heart alongside her partner Shiori Kirihito in the Military Academy's spa. Afterwards, she was seen sleeping in the attic instead of a regular dorm. The following day, Chachakaka stole almost all student's rosters to gather information about them for Shiori. Later she assisted Shiori in capturing Mai. In Chapter 18, she found out who Mai really is when she is ordered to kill her. Later, when Chachakaka was trying to kill Mai, she gave up after she witnessed her unbelievable skills.


Just like her partner Shiori, Chachakaka comes off as a happy go lucky person but underneath this façade lies a much more dangerous side, owing to the fact she is an assassin.

She has the same common verbal tic found among most Kaka.


Like all other Kakas, Chachakaka has the special jacket worn by all members, but like Suzukaka and Kokonoe, her creamy white jacket is modified to suit her needs; her jacket is much more noticeably shorter than the normal Kaka jackets as it only reaches just above her hips. The peak on the hood of her jacket has a small ornament hanging from it and resembles a cat bell, the ears on the hood have two small hooped earrings and Chachakaka's long blonde hair falls out in a very similar fashion to Torakaka. One very noticeable difference to the jacket is that the jacket has no paws, but instead has three large metal tubes protruding out where the pads of the paws should be, all six of the metal tubes look similar to gun barrels.

Below Chachakaka's hoodie however, is a normal Military Academy uniform, complete with an incredibly short skirt that barely reaches her upper thigh and a pair of high heels that are reminiscent of the heels worn by Rachel Alucard.

On top of all this, Chachakaka has all the normal qualities of the Kaka Clan with her toothy smile and blood red eyes, her tail is white with a black tip and is adorned with a small bow.

Powers and Abilities

Like all other Kaka, Chachakaka has above average human strength and speed, she is presumably smarter than her brethren due to her recon and intelligence retrieving ability, this is also reinforced by the fact she was able to pass the Military Academy entrance exams. She hides knives connected with chains in the tubes on her paws and wields them with extremely deadly proficiency.


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