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You see, my parents, they were attacked by hillbillies just like him. It was 20 years ago. The Memorial Day Massacre. They brutally murdered everyone. Just for fun. My mother ran for her life. But they captured hen. My father was helpless...and he didn't even know that she was pregnant with me yet. And they forced him to watch...while they tortured hen. But my mom, she fought back....and she escaped. But my father wasn't so lucky. His body was never found. By the time I was mother was already institutionalized. I grew up hearing that story from my grandmother.
~ Chad explains his hatred of hillbillies
There is no truth! Everything is a lie!
~ Chad
It's time for you to feel my pain!
~ Chad to Dale.

Chad is the main antagonist of the 2010 horror/comedy movie Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

He was portrayed by Jesse Moss who played Wendy Christensen's boyfriend Jason Wise in Final Destination 3.


Before he was born, his mother was in a group of college students partying in the woods. The party was attacked by hillbillies, leaving only his mother alive after torturing and raping her. Because of this, she gave birth to Chad. Chad believed that his father was one of the college students and was killed by the hillbillies, leading to his hatred of them.

When he was in college, he was in a group of other college students going to the woods to camp. There, they meet friendly hillbillies Tucker and Dale, who save one of the students, Allison from drowning. But the students are led to think that she was kidnapped and try to rescue her leading to their accidental deaths. Thinking they where killed by Tucker and Dale, Chad is convinced that they are evil and must be killed.

Chad convinces the other teenagers that they must kill Tucker and Dale, but some end up accidentally killing themselves. Chad kidnaps Tucker and cuts his fingers off, in order to make Chad come to him, while Chad "rescues" Allison.

When Chad goes to Allison, she tries to explain to him that they have misunderstood everything, but Chad refuses to believe it. When Tucker and Chad comes back to the house, Allison arranges meeting between Dale and Chad to stop the violence. It ends up Chad burning down the shack, accidentally burning his face and leading the the deaths of the the last students, except for Allison, whom he kidnaps.

Chad drags Allison to a sawmill, closely followed by Dale. Chad tries to use a saw to kill Allison for rejecting his advances, but is stopped by Dale. Chad attempts to murder Dale who uses Chamomile tea to set off Chad's asthma, causing him to fall to what seems to be his death. But as seen in the opening scene of the movie, a reporter sneaks into the sawmill with her cameraman to try to find out more about the deaths. They are ambushed by Chad, who presumably kills them.



  • He shares similarities with Thunderbolt Ross from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both are villians who see themselves as the heroes and the main heroes (Tucker and Dale and The Avengers) as the villains.