I'm not a kid... I'm a teenager.
~ Chad Dickson upon meeting Cree Lincoln, who seemingly accepts his new path in life.

Numbuh 274 (real name: Chad Dickson) is an antagonist in Codename: Kids Next Door. He was known as the best KND Operative, who rose through the ranks after becoming famous after defeating an infamous gang of adult tyrants, and eventually became Supreme Leader of the KND, commanding the organization for five years and becoming Numbuh 1's mentor during his days at the KND Antarctic Academy.

He was voiced by Jason Harris.


After making several appearances, Chad suddenly changed the moment he turned 13 and served as a high ranking member of the Teen Ninjas. Not wanting to leave the kids next door, he made it so that several others would be labeled 13 even when they clearly aren't. After being discovered, he attempts to throw the KND moon base into the sun, but is defeated. He goes on to become the second teenager in the series to avoid decommissioning, after Cree. It is later revealed that he is a KND Undercover Operative working for a secret KND case to except Numbuh 1.

In the GKND prologue, Chad is revealed to be captured by the Galactic Kids Next Door and imprisoned (presumably by Numbuh Infinity) for almost exposing their secrets and whereabouts to Sector V. Chad also tried to plea with Numbuh 1 not to go along with the GKND's twisted plans and points out how evil they really are. But the GKND take Chad away.

Abilities and Equipment

Chad has physical attributes that are far more developed than any teenager or Kid operative, likely due to rigorous training. He has shown nearly unparalleled combat skills and marksmanship skills as well as uncanny weapons proficiency.

Due to his superior physical attributes, athletic prowess and combat capabilities, he was secretly turned into an Elite soldier by Numbuh Infinity and his superiors. After his transformation into an elite soldier, he gained the power to teleport himself via putting his finger up his nose. It is unknown is he has any other enhancements as well.

During his time as a teen operative, he possessed the Teen Ninja's high-tech suit of armor, which allows for disguises, voice filtering, flight, laser blasts as well as better resilience, mobility and strength.



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