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Chain Chomps are minions of Bowser that are recurring minor antagonists in the Super Mario franchise.



Super Mario Bros. 3

Chain Chomps first appeared in World 2-5, where they were attached to a wooden block and would charge at Mario. If they tug at their chains fifty times, the chain breaks and they will chase after Mario. The only ways to kill the Chain Chomps are to use a star, stomp on it as a statue as Tanooki Mario, throw a Koopa shell at it, or throw a hammer at it as Hammer Mario.

Super Mario 64

A single Chain Chomp is found in Bob-omb Battlefield guarding a jail containing the Behind Chain Chomp's Gate Power Star. When the peg attached to it is broken by ground-pounding it three times, the Chain Chomp smashes the jail cell open before leaping away.

Super Mario Sunshine

A single Chain Chomp appears in the fourth episode of Pianta Village, Chain Chomp's Bath, where it runs around the village leaving behind burning goop that burns Mario when he touches it. The Chain Chomp is orange and burns Mario when he touches it, forcing him to throw a water barrel at it or use F.L.U.D.D. to spray it with water, which both cools it and slows it down. Mario must then grab the Chain Chomp from the chain and lead it to a tub. Eventually, the Chain Chomp will heat back up and overpower Mario, forcing him to cool it off again. Once the Chain Chomp reaches the tub, it calms down and turns golden, releasing a Shine Sprite.

New Super Mario Bros.

Chain Chomps are a rare enemy in New Super Mario Bros., only appearing in World 6-6. They charge at Mario to try to kill him. Their only weaknesses are Starmen, Mega Mushrooms, and Koopa Shells. If Mario ground pounds on the post three times, the Chain Chomp will be released and Mario will get 3 coins.

Super Mario Galaxy

Chain-less Chain Chomps can be seen rolling or bouncing around in numerous levels in Super Mario Galaxy. There are also small Chomps that come out of doghouses in Dreadnought Galaxy and a gold chomp in Gusty Garden Galaxy. If Mario is hit by one, he will be knocked back and takes 1 damage. Chain Chomps can be defeated with a Rainbow Star, a bomb-omb or a Rubbery Bulb. If a chain-less Chomp or a medium Chomp is defeated, it will explode into Star Bits. If a golden Chomp is defeated, it will give Mario a Power Star.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Chain Chomps appear in the world 5 castle. A massive Chain Chomp appears pulling a chariot holding Iggy Koopa. The Chain Chomp will pull the chariot around the stage, trying to hit Mario. If Mario hits Iggy, the Chain Chomp will turn red and go on a rampage. The Chain Chomp can't be hurt. Chain Chomps also appear in 7-2. The Chain Chomp is attached to a stake and will try to charge at Mario. Chain Chomps can be defeated by ground pounding their stake 3 times or by running into them with a star.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Chain Chomps appear in Flip-swap Galaxy, Chompworks Galaxy and Flipsville Galaxy. The Chain Chomps act the same as they do in Super Mario Galaxy. The Gold Chomp and Mini Wanwan reappear. In addition to these, a homing Chain Chomp called the Silver Chomp appears as well.

Super Mario 3D Land

Chain Chomps appear as enemies. Mario can jump on their heads, but it does no damage. Using a Fire Flower to throw a fireball at a Chain Chomp temporarily stuns them. They can be defeated by ground-pounding on the stake they are connected to.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

The Chain Chomps reappear in New Super Mario Bros. 2 in levels 2-5 and Mushroom-B. They try to charge at Mario to kill him. They can be killed with a star or a gold flower. Their post can be pounded on to release the Chain Chomp. A giant Chain Chomp is pulling Iggy's chariot and is defeated alongside Iggy.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U

Chain chomps make a return in New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U, appearing in World 6-3 in New Super Mario Bros. U and World 7-2 in New Super Luigi U. Their stakes are triangular rather than rectangular. They can only be defeated with a star. It only takes one ground pound to release them from their posts.

Super Mario Odyssey

Chain Chomps are found in the Cascade Kingdom. When Mario and Cappy capture one, they can extend the chain and release it to launch into objects in the opposite direction. Madame Broode, the leader of the Broodals, has a pet Chain Chomp named Chain Chompikins.

Other Media

Mario Kart series

Chain Chomps serve as obstacles in the Mario Kart series. They may be chained to the ground and attack karts that get to close, or be obstacles on the track, such as Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, summoning a massive Chain Chomp is the Special item exclusive to Baby Mario and Baby Luigi.

Mario Party series

Several minigames of the Mario Party series involve Chain Chomps, including Sneak 'n' Snore, Merry-Go-Chomp, Chomp Call, Chomping Frenzy, and Fruit or Foe. In Magma Mire of Mario Party 9, a Chain Chomp serves as the stage boss in the minigame Chain Chomp Romp. The goal of the minigame is to ride down a minecart that leads to a cannon and avoid picking the track leading straight to the Chain Chomp's mouth; that player will lose a point.

Super Mario Maker series

Chain Chomps appear in Super Mario Maker and its sequel. The player places them to the stake they are tied to, although shaking them will cause the stake to disappear, making the Chain Chomps into Unchained Chomps. Chain Chomps can be turned into Unchained Chomps by ground-pounding the stake, or having a large enemy crush it, such as a Thwomp.

Mario Tennis series

Chain-Chomp Challenge is the minigame or Wario Factory Court in Mario Power Tennis. The player has to shoot balls into the Chain Chomp's mouth in their lane. A Bob-omb may drop instead, and hitting it at the Chain Chomp turns it red. Players are able to hit Bob-ombs in their lanes at Chain Chomps in other lanes. If a red Chain Chomp is aggregated, it will start chasing after a player. They must mush the A button to outrun it and reach a button that activates F.L.U.D.D. and sprays the Chain Chomp, calming it back down to blue. Water drops may also drop, which automatically calms down a red Chain Chomp.

Chain Chomp also appears as a playable character in Mario Tennis Aces, using its mouth to swing its racquet. It can be unlocked in the Adventure Mode by clearing the Sure Shot Challenge (Advance) mission in the Castle Bridge, where Mario must hit 30 balls past the Chain Chomp without it hitting three.

Mario Strikers series

In both Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged, Chain Chomps are the most powerful item obtainable in the game. When summoned, it attacks all players of the opposing team, leaving them stunned for a few seconds. It is extremely rare and only appears if the team is losing badly.

Mario Golf series

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf: World Tour, sleeping Chain Chomps can be found in the courses themed on Peach's Castle and Bowser's Castle. If the gold ball lands in the Chain Chomp's pit, it wakes up and eats the ball, wasting two strokes.

Mario Baseball series

Chain Chomps appear as obstacles in the Wario Palace stadium of Mario Superstar Baseball, where they guard the foul lines and attack any players that get too close. In the minigame Chain Chomp Sprint, a Chain Chomp is in the middle of the four bases, and four players must navigate between the bases to collect gems. If the Chain Chomp wakes up, all players must immediately stop or else the Chain Chomp attacks them, causing them to lose half of their gems.

In Mario Super Sluggers, Chain Chomps appear in the Bowser Jr. Playroom stadium if the ball hits a tile on the ground resembling a Chain Chomp. It will chase after the player receiving the ball, causing them to be stunned and drop the ball. In the minigame Graffiti Runner, a Chain Chomp can appear from a treasure chest and attack the players.

Paper Mario series

Paper Mario

Chain Chomps can be summoned by Tutankoopa during his boss battle. After defeating him, a Chain Chomp called Chompy chases him away. In the ending parade, Chompy is still chasing Tutankoopa, with two others eventually joining in.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Two Red Chomps comprise of the Glitz Pit Major League team Chomp Country. Regular Chain Chomps can be found in the Palace of Shadow. Both are fought within the Pit of 100 Trials.

Super Paper Mario

A single Chain Chomp can be found in the bottom of Fort Francis guarding Francis' basement. Other Chain Chomps can be fought in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials while a stronger Dark Chomp is fought in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

A Big Chain Chomp is found in Chomp Ruins. It cannot be defeated as it takes no damage from Mario's attacks. To defeat it, Mario must use an item or attack that puts it to sleep. Once it sleeps, Mario must flee the battle and remove the restraint on the Chomp then resume battle. When it attacks, its lunge misses Mario and instead crashes, revealing the Comet Piece to end the level.

Another Chain Chomp is summoned by Bowser during his final boss battle. Although Mario can defeat it straightforwardly, he can use the bat thing sticker or a tail sticker to smack it into Bowser and down a of lava, ending the fight.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Prof. Kinopio owns a massive Chain Chomp made of cardboard named Princess. Later, in the Golden Coliseum, a Hammer Bro., Snifit, and Iggy Koopa all ride chariots piloted by Chain Chomps.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

A Paper Macho Chain Chomp serves as an adversary during Mario's attempt to reach the Spring of Jungle Mist with Kamek and Bowser Jr. It automatically attacks Mario and gives him a Game Over if he follows the paths chosen by Bowser Jr. or Olivia. It pursues the group until they use a vine attached to the large tree to swing away, sending the Chain Chomp falling to its doom.

Mario & Luigi

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga/Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

Chomp Bro., an enemy in Bowser's Castle, uses a Chain Chomp as a ball and chain weapon.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Pocket Chomp is an obtainable Bros. Item that summons a Chain Chomp upon the enemies. Shroobified Chain Chomps can be summoned during the final boss battle with Elder Princess Shroob.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story/Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Chain Chawfuls, Chain Chomps controlled by parasitic green Sworm with Fawful's face on them, can be fought in Bowser Path. During the boss fight with Junker, a Chain Chomp may appear from a Junker Can. They will attack Mario and Luigi, but can be deflected by striking them with the hammer.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Chain Chomps appear in Neo Bowser Castle, being walked by a Walker Guy. The Walker Guy must be defeated first as he can bring out another Chain Chomp.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Chain Chomps and Paper Chain Chomps appear in Neo Bowser Castle, being walked by a Shy Guy.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Chomps serve as enemies in Booster Tower and use the skills Iron Maiden and Carni-Kiss. They have a weakness to thunder attacks. Stronger golden Chomp Chomps can be found in Bowser's Keep.

Super Princess Peach

Chain Chomps attack Princess Peach if she gets too close. Sleeping Chain Chomps can be encountered and will wake up if Princess Peach makes any sudden movement.


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

One Chain Chomp appears in a room at the beginning of Sluggy The Unshaven Fort. It lunges at Yoshi and tries to bite him. It can only be defeated with a POW block or a Winged Cloud Maker. 2 other subspecies of Chain Chomp appear. Shark Chomps and Incoming Chomps are both indestructable enemies that either run towards or fall onto Yoshi.

Yoshi's Story

Chainless Chain Chomps called Chomp Chomps appear in world 4-1. They are one of the biggest enemies in the game.

Yoshi's New Island

A Chain Chomp appears in a hidden room. It can be defeated by ground pounding the pole it is attached to.

Yoshi's Wooly World

The Chain Chomps in this game are called Frame Chomps. They are found at the level Walk the Chomp to Unwind. Throwing a yarn ball at it turns it into a Chomp Rock. Yoshi can also remove the Yarn, making it return to being a Frame Chomp.


In WarioWare: Touched!, a souvenir called "Reel-to-Reel" is a projector displaying a red Chain Chomp.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Chain Chomp-like enemies can be found in Turtle Rock and Palace of the Four Sword in the GBA port. They are chained to poles and attack Link when he gets too close. They cannot be defeated.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Madam MeowMeow owns three Chain Chomps. Two are small and called Yipyips. One lives in her house and the other, ChaoChao, lives in a doghouse. The third, a larger Chain Chomp named BowWow used to stand guard in her front yard but was kidnapped by Moblins. After Link rescues BowWow from Moblin Cave, BowWow will temporarily aid Link by both attacking nearby enemies and items, such as the Goponga Flowers blocking the entrance to the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto. He can also detect hidden Secret Seashells by pouncing at the spot. After Bottle Grotto is cleared, Link is forced to return BowWow to Madam MeowMeow by Prince Richard.

In the trading quest to obtain the Magnifying Lens, if ChaoChao is given a ribbon, it will give Link dog food.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords series

In Four Swords, a Chain Chomp can become an item in Vaati's Palace. Similarly to BowWow from Link's Awakening, it is able to attack enemies outside of Link's range. However, it is also hostile to other Links, causing them to drop Rupees.

In Four Swords Adventures, a single Chain Chomp appears in Kakariko Village.

Hyrule Warriors

The Level 3 variant of Link's Gauntlets consists of the Power Gloves using a Chain Chomp as a ball and chain.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Chain Chomps make their first appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series as both a trophy, a sticker that gives characters from Super Mario stronger attacks, and as background characters on the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island stage.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Not only does the Chain Chomp's assist trophy return in both versions and their stage cameo in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, but they also appear as an assist trophy and a wearable piece of Mii Headgear in both versions, an enemy in Smash Run for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and as an item in Smash Tour in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. As an assist trophy and Smash Run enemy, they behave identically, lashing out at anyone who goes near their peg. In the latter of the two, attacking the peg enough will release it from its captivity, sending it loose but giving you stat buffs. In Smash Tuor, they are a blue item that launches nearby players away.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the Chain Chomp's assist trophy and stage cameo returns, as well as it appearing in two spirits, one of it directly and the other of it cameoing in the Goo Goo Buggy spirit. In the former, it is an Advanced-level Attack-type spirit that makes the user heavier. In its spirit battle, the player fights a Metal Pac-Man on the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island stage, with the Pac-Man liking to use its side special and the Chain Chomp assist appearing as well.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

A Chain Chomp serves as an obstacle in the Dream Ski Cross and Extreme Snow Boarding events.

Bayonetta 2

A Chain Chomp is an optional weapon unlockable by clearing 3rd Climax or scanning an amiibo related to Bowser or his minions. It attacks any nearby enemies and chests.

Fortune Street

A Chain Chomp will appear in the Mascots section of the shop after clearing the Mario Circuit board.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Chain Chomps serve as obstacles in certain stages. During turn transitions, they will attack any nearby characters be it heroes or enemies, dealing 75 HP.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Chain-Chomp Chase is a minigame in Wario's Carnival where the player must quickly tap left and right on the Dance Pad to outrun a giant Chain Chomp until time runs out.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Chain Chomps appear in the episodes "Reptiles in the Rose Garden" and "The Venice Menace", serving as King Koopa's guard dogs.

Nintendo Adventure Books

Chain Chomps make an appearance as an obstacle guarding the fortress. A Golden Chomp also appears in the best ending of "Koopa Capers".


Chain Chomps bear a resemblance to a ball and chain and are typified by their large, tooth-filled maws and incessant biting.

Notable Members



The Underchomp is a boss found in Chapter 7 of Super Paper Mario.

The Underchomp is a Chain Chomp with three heads, each having a different color (red, yellow and blue).

The Underchomp guards the Underwhere, serving as an obstacle to anyone who get to Dorguy the Third, who is also the one responsible of summoning him as a test to Mario and his team. Unlike other bosses in the game, the Underchomp is fought in a Dragon Quest battle style. Each of its heads has a special move, the red head can breath fire, the blue head breathes blue fire and the yellow head has a stinky breath unlike an elemental attack like the red and blue ones. Once all of them are defeated, Mario, Luigi and Bowser can pass by Dorguy.




  • The idea of the Chain Chomp came from Shigeru Miyamoto's youth, specifically a time where a dog rushed up to him in an attempted attack before its chain yanked it back, foiling its plans.


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