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Chain Shadow is a villainous chain-themed Shadow Monster who appears in Episode 3 of Ressha Sentai ToQger.

He is voiced by Junpei Morita who previously voiced Ryuuwon from Boukenger, a Mirror Banki from Go-Onger, and Uobouzu of the Nessie from Goseiger.


Founded by Madame Noir lurking around the Castle Terminal, this darkly eccentric Shadow Kaijin was deployed to "Heiwadani", converting the station into a Dark Station when he exited said station. Kagura tried to fight Chain Shadow when she was accidentally left behind, but was defeated and imprisoned inside Chain Shadow's Cross coffin.

By daybreak, the other ToQgers found out of Kagura's missing status and went back to get her, only to find out about Heiwadani's capture. They soon find Chain Shadow in a school house after the Shadow Kaijin caught some children. During the fight, Chain Shadow tried to capture the other ToQgers with the same technique he used on ToQ 5Gou, but failed when they freed themselves, leading to ToQ 1Gou jumping into the open coffin. The trapped ToQgers and children were set free when Kagura imagined herself as Ultimate Girl, making Kagura forget her mortal boundaries and began smacking Chain Shadow around, leading up to her trying to do a Hell Wheel attack, only for ToQ 1Gou to snatch her out of the air before she could complete it.

Once all of the ToQgers were gathered, ToQ 5Gou and 1Gou swapped their powers, and double-teamed the Kaijin, weaking the Kaijin enough to let the ToQgers fire their Renketsu Bazooka. With ToQ 5Gou at the trigger, she imagined the Rainbow Rush to take the form of bolt cutters, dicing up the Kaijin.

Once enlarged, Chain Shadow and ToQ-Oh began a fierce battle before Chain Shadow binded the Ressha Combination with his chains and trapped ToQ-Oh in a coffin and began draining the Imagination from the mech, weakening it. However, he did not count on ToQ-Oh smashing its way out of the coffin by rapidly extending Red Ressha. Enraged, he tried charging at ToQ-Oh, only to get caught up with the Ressha Combination's Fumikiriken Ressha Flash.


  • Cross Coffin and Chain Generation: Chain Shadow drags his Cross Coffin wherever he goes, putting his victims in it while binding by his chains to make them become afraid of death. The tombstone inside the Coffin is the weakpoint of the technique, as when it shatters, the coffin will explode and harmlessly release all captives within it.



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