~ The Chair Shadow

The Chair Shadow are a trio of shadow monster which appear in Episode 31 & Episode 32 of ToQger. They are also the brothers of Table Shadow.

They were voiced by Taiki Matsuno who previously voiced Spell-Master Pierre, a Clock Org, Amoreian Baachiyo, Hades Beatman Garim the Gremlin, Rutsu, a Vacuum Banki, Sunasusuri, Jogon of the Ningyo, Debo Batissier and later voiced by Yoshi Urazer.


Three identical Shadow Creeps armed with the Single-Edged Fire Hook blades and are the younger brothers of Table Shadow. They mainly serve as their big brother's flunkies, using attacks ranging from summoning chairs to compelling people to sit on them to administer electrical shocks.

The first Chair Shadow is summoned alongside Table Shadow by Baron Nero to help him hold the ToQgers at bay before the plan fails with Chair Shadow used as a shield to protect his brother.

Enlarged, Chair Shadow puts ToQ-Oh on the ropes until it becomes Cho-ToQ-Oh to eliminate the Shadow Creep before destroying him and returning the Uragaeshi (裏返市, lit. "Reverse") Dark Station to the original state as the Uragoeshi (浦越市) Station. The remaining two Chair Shadows join Table Shadow in exacting revenge for their brother's death before they end up dying alongside their big brother.



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