Devil2 toxic avenger

as "the Devil"

You know what I want. He... must... be... de...stroyed!
~ Chairman

The Chairman of Apocalypse Inc.  or "The Devil" is the main villain in "The Toxic Avneger Parts 2 & 3" (1989).

He was portrayed by Rick Collins.


The Chairman of Apocolypse Inc., in human form, appears as a large caucasian man with a goatee and a deep voice, usually wearing a business suit. He owns Apocolypse Inc., a corporation that seems to be motivated by evil more than it is profit.

This is shown when the Chairman describes his companies efforts to extort and possibly kill everyone in congress, dump 75 tons of radioactive isotopes in the Atlantic Ocean per day, and sell radioactiev grenades to "all the Third World Companies" as "Very impressive, FOR A BUNCH OF RANK AMATEURS". He seems perfectly willing to kill his own empoloyees for minor reasons (such as attaining a pair of eyes) and seems to have utter contempt for the people of towns he buys out, sending their children to produce Agent Orange, kicking old ladies out of their apartments, and forcing video rental stores to only stock the top twenty tapes. Despite all of his evil, he still presents himself as a positive influence, and gains the trust of most of the poeple he hires.

After being confronted by Toxie and the other citizens of Tromaville, he sheds off his human disguise and reveals his true form; a green winged demon known as the Devil. He challenges Toxie to a five level video game-style challenge. Toxie manages to complete every level and defeats the Devil. He finishes him off by ripping his skin out, revealing bugs and snakes and a rat that live in his organs. Toxie then pulls the Devil’s head out of his body and tosses it high in the air, landing on a bald man’s head somewhere in Japan. After the Devil’s demise, peace has been restored to Tromaville.


Chairman The Toxic Avenger Part II 2

The Chairman in human form

  • The Chairman, as "The Devil" was presumably an Angel kicked out of Heaven by God who set forth to corrupt humanity, but this is entirely speculative.
  • In The Toxic Avneger Part 2, the Chairman is seen as a Bigger Bad, taking almost no action in the course of the movie that directly effects Toxie.
  • In The Toxic Avenger Part 3: the Last Temptation of Toxie The Chairman is a much more direct villain, who corrupts the Toxic Avenger and makes him work for him as Apocolypse Inc. takes over Tromaville.
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