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Must I explain myself? From your perspective, I suppose it must seem that I am doing something terrible. I don't expect you to understand. But I must provide the Galar region with limitless energy to ensure everlasting prosperity. It is my purpose, my duty, my destiny!
~ Chairman Rose

Chairman Rose (in Japanese: ローズ), or simply known as Rose, is the main antagonist in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

He is the corrupt chairman of the Galar Pokémon League and the boss of Macro Cosmos. His main goal is to unleash Eternatus so he can harness its energy to prevent a future energy crisis from affecting the Galar region, even if it means causing a repeat of the Darkest Day.

In Pokémon: Twilight Wings, he was voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji in Japanese, and Keith Silverstein (who also voices Hawk Moth, Hisoka, Deag Grav, Johan Liebert, Masayoshi Shido, Deep Sea King, Aaroniero Arruruerie, and Cat Mask Seller) in English. In the anime, he is voiced by Kenichirou Matsuda in Japanese, and Barron B. Bass in English.


Rose is a tall rotund man who wears a gray business outfit while wearing a white polo shirt underneath. Along with his hair being colored black, it is also long and undercut. When undercover to avoid getting stopped by everyone, he wears a blue Hawaiian shirt and white shorts, as well as sunglasses, much like the Pokémon League employees.


Rose seemed to be a very charming man and also supportive in terms of endorsing the Galar Gym Challenge. He also seemed to have a calm business demeanor, always being respectful to everyone around him. Rose is very caring about the Galar region's wellbeing, going as far as to reawaken Eternatus for the sake of preventing a future crisis from striking Galar and immediately disqualifying Bede when the latter attempted to destroy a historical monument of the region.

He also had a motive of bringing Eternatus into the world, to unleash its ultimate power so Galar can be in eternal light. But he also seemed to show no concern that his beliefs are right for the people of Galar, without thinking about the long-term consequences or potential destruction he'll bring once Eternatus is out. He does regret his actions, however, and turns himself in after Eternatus is captured by the player character.

In the anime, Rose is more outright evil. While he pretends to be benevolent like in the games, his intentions in the anime are far less sympathetic. Unlike the games, he shows no remorse for his actions and goes into hiding to avoid having to answer for his crimes.


Rose once was a talented Pokémon Trainer who participated in the Galar League and finished as the runner-up. For a long time, he worked in Galar's coal mines before becoming a highly successful businessman, owning many companies across the region and eventually becoming the chairman of the Galar League. At one point Rose adopted a kid named Bede and took him under his wing.

Rose realized that Galar's current energy production based around coal is unsustainable and highly contaminating of the environment, with the pollution already showing harmful effects on Pokémon such as Corsola and Weezing so he began researching into alternate energy sources, which led him to discover the remains of the Pokémon Eternatus, an alien Pokémon that nearly destroyed Galar thousands of years ago and came to be known as "The Darkest Day of Galar". Rose discovered that the energy used to Dynamax Pokémon is the same as the energy that the husk of Eternatus radiated, so he plotted to continuously feed the deceased Eternatus husk Wishing Stars in order to revive and then capture it as a new energy fuel.

Rose signed up Bede for that year's Pokémon League while also instructing him to gather as many Wishing Stars as possible. Rose then proceeded to host an exhibition match to celebrate the annual Galar Pokémon League and later hosted the opening ceremony. Right after the ceremony, Rose met Hop and Victor/Gloria, the two Trainers that the champion Leon had endorsed.

Over the course of the Gym Challenge, Rose would often wear a casual disguise to avoid too much public attention while traveling the region. Bede asked to borrow Rose's Copperajah, which Rose agreed to despite the concerns from his assistant Oleana. Thereafter Bede tried to use the Copperajah to destroy an ancient mural for the sake of obtaining more Wishing Stars, which enraged Rose and forced him to disqualify Bede from the competition.

Later on, Rose is seen again during the Championship Finals where he called Leon to a private meeting to discuss his plan to prevent Galar's future energy crisis. Leon strongly disagreed with Rose's drastic measures and refused to cancel the final match that would take place the next day. Hop and Victor/Gloria crashed the meeting because they were worried that Leon had been gone for too long, but Leon assured them that there was nothing to be worried about and left with the two. The next day, Rose proceeded to awaken Eternatus and prepared his company Macro Cosmos to capture it; however, Eternatus easily escaped and began a rampage, forcing Rose to interrupt the Finals to warn Galar that the Darkest Day had returned.

It is then Leon attempted to capture Eternatus while Rose waited for Victor/Gloria and Hop at his Power Plant knowing they would confront him. When the duo arrived, Rose defended his actions claiming that despite putting Galar in danger by reviving Eternatus, he only did so to prevent the tragic future that the region would suffer if the energy crisis isn't stopped as soon as possible. Rose battled the two Trainers but was defeated by Victor/Gloria, after which he congratulated him/her and allowed the two to go face Eternatus. Eternatus was then defeated by the combined efforts of Hop, Victor/Gloria, Zacian, and Zamazenta, while Rose turned himself in to the authorities and was arrested.

Following Rose's imprisonment, Oleana can be found in one of Galar's mines; she claims that even though Rose is now in prison, she is still his assistant and assures Victor/Gloria that Rose regretted putting Galar in grave danger even if it was for a good cause.

In the anime

Prior to Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Rose was responsible for inserting Leon into the world of Pokémon battles, and this approach made Leon move away from his childhood friend Sonia. He also worked for years with Professor Magnolia on the so-called Galar Particles, which is the basis of the power that allows Pokémon to Dynamax and Gigantamax. Together, they created the Dynamax Band, but Rose had his own goals for the phenomena, which prompted Professor Magnolia to end their partnership.

Rose debuted in Toughing It Out!, where he applauded Leon for defeating Raihan in a World Coronation Series match.

In JN042, Rose visited the Energy Plant with Oleana. While there, he watched as the plant's reactor released an overload of Dynamax energy, claiming to himself that it would prove to truly be an eternal energy source for the Galar region. Later, he was seen riding in a car with Oleana when the latter received a phone call about rampaging Dynamax Pokémon that had been agitated by the stray energy bursts. Despite the news, he refused to back down from his plans, resolving to himself that some sacrifices would have to be made in the name of Galar's prosperity.

In JN043, Rose initially observed an experiment to inject Galar Particles into the Energy Plant's reactor. When Oleana asked him if he wished to pause the experiment so the reactor's hangar could be strengthened, he refused, stating his belief that the disaster that once endangered Galar, the Darkest Day, would be resurrected as Eternatus, which he called the savior of the region. Later, he and Oleana visited a mine where a Gigantamax Coalossal had been rampaging after being exposed to a burst of Dynamax energy from the reactor.

There, he met up with Ash and Leon and invited the former to a dinner at Macro Cosmos's headquarters in Wyndon's Rose Tower. During the dinner, Rose explained that Galar's prosperity allowed him to rise out of poverty and establish Macro Cosmos, and as a result, he was willing to do anything to ensure this prosperity would last for a thousand years. He requested that Ash stay at his side and help him accomplish that dream, offering to sponsor Ash with his vast resources in exchange. Much to Rose's surprise, Ash refused the offer.

In JN044, Rose confronted Ash and Leon in Hammerlocke Stadium after Eternatus escaped from the Energy Plant's reactor. He explained that while ancient people who feared Eternatus came to know it as the Darkest Day, he had given it its proper name as an indication of the infinite amounts of Galar Particles it could produce, which he planned to use to provide Galar with millenniums worth of energy. He further revealed that he had the additional motive of preventing any further tragedies like the one he suffered as a young boy, where his father was killed in a coal mine collapse. In order to complete his agenda, Rose sponsored Trainers and specifically groomed Leon to become a modern-day hero figure who would ultimately subdue and catch Eternatus to ensure it could be kept as a power source. When Leon refused and instead said he would only catch Eternatus to seal it away again, Rose grew angry, sent out his Copperajah, and ordered it to attack. However, Ash intervened and battled Rose to buy Leon enough time to defeat Eternatus. Rose then sent out his Ferrothorn to stand against Pikachu and Riolu.

Rose reappeared in JN045, where his battle with Ash continued while Eternatus gathered energy above the stadium. He was ultimately defeated when Ash's Riolu evolved into Lucario, and was seen running to check on his fallen Pokémon. Later, when Eternatus achieved its Eternamax form, Rose was watching with Oleana from a helicopter nearby. The emergence of Eternamax Eternatus excited him and he cheered it on, urging it to show its full power. He was dismayed when Zacian and Zamazenta arrived to turn the tide of the battle, but his helicopter was soon caught in Eternatus's Eternabeam, forcing it to fly away.

After Ash and Goh caught Eternatus and put an end to the Darkest Day, Rose and Oleana went into hiding. Their whereabouts remained unknown to Professor Magnolia and Sonia, though Leon continued to search for them.




  • Rose's team consists of Steel-type Pokémon. Fittingly, the Steel-type counters Eternatus' Poison-type.
    • Eternatus, however, can learn Fire-type moves such as Flamethrower that directly counter the Steel-type, which fits how Eternatus was able to escape Macro Cosmos so effortlessly.
  • Rose is the first main antagonist who introduces the game to the player instead of the professor. He is also the first main antagonist who appears at the start of the game.
  • While not directly stated in-game, it is implied that the energy crisis that Rose wanted to prevent was being caused by the region's excessive use of coal mining for energy production, which was also polluting the region.
    • Galarian Weezing and Galarian Corsola are Pokemon affected by the pollution, with Galarian Corsola being suddenly wiped out by a change in ocean temperatures and Galarian Weezing feeding off the polluted air that Galar suffers from, producing cleaner air.


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