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What's with that look, huh, sweetheart? After all that, you still want to act like nothing's wrong? Go ahead, keep looking down at us. But after we get rid of sword boy and if we can't find a buyer for you, I'm going to pimp your ass to a client of mine. He's a crack head and a real f-cking sicko. This guy can't even get a hard-on unless it's hardcore S&M. You will both gonna get high, then he's gonna beat off while you eat his sh-t. Let's see how f-cking proud you are then. Oh yeah, but don't worry. When the video comes out, I'll be sure to buy a copy.
~ Chaka tormenting Yukio.

Chaka is a supporting antagonist in the anime/manga series Black Lagoon, appearing during the Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise arc. He is a sadistically violent Yakuza who wished to fight with Revy, as he was searching for a strong opponent.

He is voiced by Wataru Takagi in the Japanese version of the anime and Jonathan Holmes in the English dubbed version, the former of whom also voices Jan Valentine.


Chaka is an arrogant and cruel sadist who is often seen as an idiot by his peers. His earlier appearance showed that Revy's reputation as a gunman in Roanapur is such that even the Yakuza in Japan have heard of her. And of course, he would try to move in and win her over. Shortly after Yukio becomes the boss of the Group, Chaka makes his bid to take over the leadership by kidnapping her with the help of a street gang.

Chaka is also a total coward with no sense of loyalty. He beat up to near-death one of his own men, simply for not being able to control his temper, and shot to near-death his own men for trying to escape, an action bad enough to disgust Revy. The depth of his despicableness has been noted by many fans and he is widely considered to be the evilest character in the entire series, which, considering the nature of the show, is saying a lot. The fact that he is very petty makes him even more loathsome.

Despite being the most despicable character in the series, it is ironic that he is also one of the most incompetent. He grossly overestimates his abilities, as shown by his trying to take on Revy one-on-one even after seeing her and Ginji Matsuzaki tear through his entire gang like they were nothing. She kicks him in the face and decides he is not worth killing, instead letting Ginji slice him to pieces and drown him to death, which Ginji claimed was too nice for him but was at his level. Overall, Chaka, despite his incompetence, is purely despicable. He is well aware of how evil he is and uses the skills he does have to ruin the lives of those weaker than him. If anything, his lack of competence makes him more dangerous because he does not care that his reckless nature harms others.


Chaka is one of the Yakuza of the Washimine Group who are struggling from conflicts with their rival Kousa Council following the passing of their head Ryuzo. During a meeting with Hotel Moscow head Balalaika under an agreement to help them take out the Kousa Council, Chaka notices Revy, having been sent to serve as backup for Rock when he was sent as Balalaika's translator. Following the meeting, while Revy was outside the bathroom stalls waiting for Rock, Chaka approaches her and tries to convince her to duel with him. Once Rock comes out, Chaka attacks him for "interrupting" his chat with Revy. While kicking Rock to the ground, Chaka attempts to use it as a way to impress Revy, only stopping when the other Yakuza order him to stand down.

After Bando was killed attempting to assassinate Balalaika for going too far, Ryuzo's daughter Yukio takes over as the Washimine Group's leader out of honor for her family. One night, when coming home, Yukio discovers Chaka invited himself over alongside a street gang. He shoots her bodyguard Yoshida, telling him that he finds Yukio not worth being the leader of the Washimine Group in favor of himself. Yoshida grabs onto Chaka's leg for Yukio to make a run for it, only for Chaka to shoot Yoshida until he was dead and one of the gangsters grabs Yukio and beats her up relentlessly for not "apologizing" for running away. As he needed Yukio alive for his plan, Chaka smashes a vase on the goon, threatening to kill him the next time he beats her.

Chaka and the gangsters then flee to a community center to play bowling, forcefully stripping Yukio each time they made a strike. Chaka boasts to the emotionally scarred Yukio, telling her that he plans to sell her as a sex slave to a sadomasochistic client. Meanwhile, Rock, Revy, and Yukio's guard Ginji Matsuzaki discover Yukio's kidnapping and track her down. While Rock sneaks in from behind, Revy and Ginji enter through the front and clash against the goons, effortlessly defeating them. While they were distracted, Chaka attempts to flee with Yukio, holding her as a meat shield. Rock causes him to slip on cleaner fluid and knock him out with a bowling pin.

By the time he regains consciousness, Revy and Ginji have wiped out all but three of his goons. When he orders them to find Yukio, one criticizes Chaka for leaving the rest for dead, prompting Chaka to shoot him as well as the other two when they flee. Then Revy appears and kicks Chaka to the ground after once more requesting her to duel with him. Finding him too pathetic to kill, Revy instead lures him to the pool where Ginji was waiting.

Ginji easily defeats Chaka by slicing his gun and hands off before pushing him into the pool. As Chaka tries to keep himself afloat, he yells out that he will kill them all. Ginji then uses his sword's blunt edge to keep Chaka underwater until he drowns in his blood.

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