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Charles "Chalky" Price was the cowardly gangster who was the behind the ambushing of the detective. Mr. T. He is a character in the 1972 Soul Cinema Classic movie Trouble Man.

He was portrayed by the late Paul Winfield.


Chalky and Pete lied to a rival gangster named Big in an attempt to overrun their business. Apparently angry at Mr. T's attitude towards then, he apparently decides to get even and use Mr. T with him. While it is implied sometime that Pete was the one behind trying to ambush Mr. T himself, it was all Chalky's doing.

Chalky later called Jimmy and said that he will accept Mr. T's offer. Later on, at a card game, a stickup occurred. Chalky saw this as an opportunity to go on shooting Abby Walsh. It turns out Abby himself one of Big's men.

Later on, after Mr. T meets up with Big, Chalky angrily tells T he will not meet with Big. Offering a solution, Mr. T says Jimmy will meet with Big. However, things went wrong when a group of police officers, who revealed to be Pete Cockrell and Chalky's men, shoot down Big, Furious by this, Mr. T vowed to hunt down both Cockrell and Chalky.

In a cowardly fashion, Chalky talks about how Mr. T "was the last man in the world I want looking for me". Later, in a narcissistic fashion, blasts Cockrell and his men with a strong New York accent, even saying " right again " in an arrogant way.

Mr. T finds Chalky and angrily lash out at him for what he had done. Chalky keeps on lying again too, saying that Pete Cockrell was the one who chose him. Finally, Chalky gets shot by accident when his henchmen gets hit by him and thrown by T.

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