Cham Shang is the main antagonist in the 1924 film The Thief of Bagdad. He is the Prince of the Mongols and his goal is to conquer Bagdad. He has the same philosophy that the hero : "What I want, I take."

He is portrayed by Sojin Kamiyama.


Cham Shang is one of the four princes who seek to marry the princess of Bagdad, along with the hero Ahmed (which is a thief who pretends to be a prince) and two others. The princess chooses to marry Ahmed but Cham Shang, which has spies in the palace, discovers that Ahmed isn't a real prince and denounces him, forcing the princess to choose another prince. She asks that the princes each bring her a gift after "seven moons"; and she will marry the one who brings her the rarest.

Before going, Cham Shang leaves behind his henchman, telling him to organize the soldiers and prepare them to invade Baghdad after his return. A few days later, he discovers a magic apple which has the power to cure anything, even death. He then sends on of his henchmen to poison the princess, and after his return he uses the apple to cure her.

The following night, Cham Shang unleashes his secret army to invade Bagdad. He succeeds to take over the city, but soon after Ahmed comes back with a magic powder. He uses it to conjures up a large army and manages to liberate the city. In order not to be taken alive, Cham Shang orders to one of his soldiers to decapitate him, but one of his slave convinces him to flee with the princess on a flying carpet. However, Ahmed arrives just in time and rescue the princess, then his soldiers hang Cham Shang.


  • He is the only character of the film to be named beside Ahmed.
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