Chamel is a villain in the Dragon Ball Heroes series. He is a young demon who was allied with the Dark Empire. He is seen with his cohorts the Demon Elite and the Demon Berserker.

He appears to resemble a young Demigra. He also has the ability to become a demon God.

He first appears in the Dark Demon Buu Saga where he and his friends the Demon Elite and Demon Beserker appear to help Dabura against Beat, Note, and their allies. However, after Kid Buu absorbs Dabura, Chamel and his friends were forced to ally with the Heroes to beat him. In the game version, he fights Dabura but is defeated.

In the next saga, he was seen awakening Turles. He also appears to help Goku and Vegeta in Hell.

He was accompanied by Towa to travel back in time, but he later sides with Gohan and Future Trunks to take her down.

In Ultimate Mission X, he allies himself with Demigra, but he disagrees with his methods on how a true warrior should rely on their own strength.

He is one of the playable avatars alongside the Demon Elite and Demon Berserker.


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