Chameleon is a supporting antagonist of the Disney TV series Mighty Ducks. He is a minion of Lord Dragaunus (the leader of the Saurians), bent on helping the latter take over Puck World and Earth at all costs.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.


As a spy to Dragaunus, Siege is just as aggressive and cruel as his master, as he openly despised the Mighty Ducks for their rebellion against the Saurians. He is also known to have the ability to shape-shift himself into any form he thinks it suits best, depending on the size, dexterity and strength by the form that he chooses. Because of this ability, this allows Chameleon to utilizes his impersonations of the Mighty Ducks and other humans, which comes in handy the most for such tasks as infiltration, sabotage, and espionage on behalf of the Saurians.

Despite his sneakiness, Chameleon is shown to be somewhat dim-witted and clumsy in general, which earns him the ire of his fellow Saurians. This was shown as Dragaunus holds little patience towards his antics and would often subject him to torture whenever things go wrong; even Siege does the same as he holds Chameleon in low regards. Also, just like the other Saurians, Chameleon scoffs at Wraith's suggestion of using dark magic to subdue the Mighty Ducks, due to Wraith's sarcasm over Dragaunus' plots to destroy the Ducks and take over the universe.

Chameleon's fate remains undisclosed since the show got cancelled after 26 episodes, whether he would be captured and imprisoned or killed by the Mighty Ducks.


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