The Chameleon Fangire (Japanese: カメレオンファンガイア), is an antagonist in Kamen Rider Kiva. He is one of the Fangires.

He was portrayed by Yūrei Yanagi and voiced by Keikō Sakai.



Posing as a clothing salesman named Yamashita, the Chameleon Fangire ran Luxur and used it to find women to feed on. However, Yamashita ended up falling for a trap set up by Yuri Aso and Otoya Kurenai and was exposed, being forced to go into hiding.


The Chameleon Fangire resurfaces and continues his hunt through Casuar. At one point he ends up attacking Mio Suzuki only to discover she is a Fangire to be revealed. The Chameleon Fangire is then attacked by Kiva. While initially having the advantage due to his invisibility, Kiva uses the Dogga Form's True Eye to locate him and destroy him.


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