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The Chameleon Imagin is an Imagin and the main antagonist of episodes 3 and 4 of Kamen Rider Den-O.


The Chameleon Imagin made a contract with a man named Yu. When Yu wishes for "a hell of a lot of money," the Chameleon begins robbing banks to fulfill this wish, stealing enough money to nearly drown his contract holder in his apartment room.

When, the Chameleon Imagin later travels to the past and possesses Yamagoshi, using his body to destroy various cars. Chameleon eventually encounters Kamen Rider Den-O and battles him, overpowering him in his Den-O Plat Form. However, after Momotaros possesses Ryotaro and allows him to assume Den-O Sword Form, Den-O is able to defeat the Imagin, using his Extreme Slash to slice Chameleon in half at the waist.


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