Champion of the universe

The Champion of the Universe (Tryco Slatterus) is a space villain from Marvel Comics and a member of the Elders of the Universe. He is a very powerful, but dimwitted and arrogant, fighter who seeks to show off his strength to everybody, which often led him to conflicts against the heroes.


Tryco Slatterus, is one of the Elders of the Universe, individuals who are the sole survivors of their races, date to the earliest days of the cosmos, and have spent their lives dedicated to one particular hobby, In the Champion's case, this focus was combat and personal competition. Accompanied by fight promoters and trainers, for millennia the Champion traveled the cosmos and defeated the best fighters of each world in hand-to-hand combat, always stopping the battles short of death. , his Promoter Supreme, preceded the Champion of Earth and recruited eight of Earth's strongest male heroes (Champion having decided eons earlier that females were inferior and not worth fighting). Champion then forced their participation by threatening to destroy the planet should they not fight him-those unworthy of the glorious gift that is the true spirit of competition would be "purified". The eight combatants accompanied Champion to his extra dimensional training facility, but only six ultimately fought him in a force-field protected Madison Square Garden: Thor, Sasquatch, Colossus, Namor, Hulk and The Thing. The Champion defeated or disqualified the first five within one round each, and then proceeded to brutalize the Thing, who refused to fall. Battered and bloodied, the Thing battled on for three rounds, until the Champion called the fight and claimed the victory. However, Thing's determination and refusal to lose for the safety of the planet Earth impressed the Champion, who gained respect for The Thing and told him he is the real winner of the match and he then returned to space.

The Champion later attempted to kill the Silver Surfer to prevent him from interfering with the Elders of the Universe's plot to use the Infinity Gems to kill Galactus. The Champion was overpowered by the Silver Surfer, suffering his first known defeat in combat (however it is notable the Surfer used the Power Cosmic to blast the Champion rather than engage him physically). The Champion was one of the eleven Elders who sought to restart the universe by killing Galactus. He attempted to kill Mantis but she was rescued by the Silver Surfer. The Champion then battled Galactus and the Silver Surfer but was converted to energy and consumed by Galactus. The Champion and the other four Elders devoured by Galactus caused Galactus "cosmic indigestion" from within until they were forced out of him by Lord Chaos and Master Order. As a result, the Champion ended up with the Power Gem in his possession. Thanos eventually tracked the Champion down to the planet Tamarata, and tricked the Champion into causing a seismic disruption that destroyed Tamarata, forcing him to forfeit his Infinity Gem for transport to another planet. However, instead of helping the Champion after receiving the Gem, Thanos caused the Champion to fall to the new planet because their deal didn't involve a soft Landing.


The Champion is a thoroughly ruthless and cold-blooded individual ever searching for the thrill of battle. When first introduced he was more than willing to annihilate the entire population on Earth unless a fighter would defeat him limited to boxing or wrestling rules. However he relented when impressed by the Thing's ability to give him a challenge (breaking his ribs), and relentless spirit to never give up, and spared the Earth and declared the bout a draw rather than kill his opponent. When collaborating with the other Elders he schemed to destroy the Universe to be reborn as the rulers of a new universe. In the miniseries "Thanos Quest" he killed off an entire planetary population of soldiers just for sport. Later he assumed leadership of another planet and indifferently set the population to civil war, to provoke worthy challengers into seeking him out to put a stop to it. He is a strong misogynist, and does not consider women as opponents worthy of him, only "appreciating" their value as courtesans or breeding-stock.

Although several billion years old, the Champion is not as bright as most other known Elders of the Universe, partially because most have chosen to develop their minds along with their physical bodies. Regardless, he has some familiarity with advanced alien technologies that surpass the understanding of most Earthlings, and has been shown as a crafty martial artist when not blinded by rage.

Powers and Abilities

The Champion, like the other Elders of the Universe, controls an energy source referred to as the Power Primordial. This energy is apparently residual energy that is left over from the Big Bang itself. The Champion has spent countless eons channeling this energy force into the perfection of his physical form. Physically, he is the most powerful of the Elders but he is unable to channel the energy into force blasts, flight, matter manipulation, telepathy or to increase his intelligence as the other Elders can.

The Champion possesses vast physical strength, that is only limited by the amount of cosmic force that his body can contain. The Thing noted that the Champion hit him harder than either the Hulk or the Silver Surfer (without wearing the Power Gem at the time). When Reed Richards measured the residual power levels left behind when Champion abducted Thing, he declared that the Champion was on a higher level than Galactus. This does not likely represent Galactus' maximum power levels though, as Reed's measurements would have been based on Galactus' strength in one of their previous meetings, during several of which, Galactus was extremely weakened from hunger. Thanos observed that Champion's strength is comparable to the strength of the Hulk.

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