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Chancellor Hyena is the main antagonist of Golden Films' The Jungle King.

He is the chancellor and one of the main royal servants of the title character King Maximillian III. He owns a parrot named Ricardo. Like his king, Hyena is in love with the lioness Leonette. He does convert work in the other portion of Africa ruled by tiger king Raj, persuading him to invade Maximilien's territory.

He sent Ricardo to lure poachers to take away the king, because he wanted to usurp the throne, but to his surprise, the king's twin brother, Irwin, is taking his place by General Glump's persuation, and he thinks he is the king himself, until Ricardo tells him that the actual Maximilien is imprisoned by the poachers.

During the battle, he had a Freudian slip when he complained about how they were destroying "his" kingdom. He escaped and went to Leonette's house, trying to kidnap her. Irwin tried to defend her, but he was too weak. Leonette's mother kicked him from the house because he insulted her, and then Leonette kicks him quite a few times. While Irwin and Leonette reconcile (Leonette discovered all the lie and got angry at him), Hyena disappears.


  • Because Golden Films hardly ever credits the cast in their films, it is unknown who voiced Hyena.
  • He and Ricardo are based on Jafar and his parrot Iago, respectively.
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