Chancy McSpill

Chancy McSpill is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Go Games".

He was voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also voiced Ranger Squeeky.


Chancy McSpill is an unsafe Scottish teenage moose wearing an orange shirt, a kilt, and blue socks (but no shoes), and he does not wear safety gear while skateboarding. He also has an avian toady named Duncan.

He counts as a villain because he plans on getting the prize to impress his ancestor McCauso (however the name is spelled) by cheating using glue from his Uncle McKenzie's factory (which accidentally gets a conveyor belt and glue flow running, which gets Rangers Kitty and Sully stuck in the glue in the process, even on their SAVO watches) and because he and Duncan loosened the fastener on the back wheel of Jr. Danger Ranger Talia Mendoza's bike, and for the reasons specified in the next paragraph.

Because he and Duncan put glue on one of the tracks and put a magnet under another, and Talia reveals it with a hovercam (which Burt had provided) they are disqualified, and the Danger Rangers tell Chancy and Duncan to apologize to the other contestants. However, they are given a chance to participate again, but before every event, he has to answer safety questions to see if they are ready for next year's Go Games, yet any he cannot answer, he has Duncan answer for him.


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