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Chandell is the secondary antagonist while his twin brother Harry is considered as the main antagonist of episodes from the Batman TV series titled The Devil's Fingers and The Dead Ringers.



Chandell was a renowned pianist who used a player piano instead of his actual hands since they were hurting during a performance at the White House. Chandell's twin brother Harry used this to blackmail his brother. Harry used Chandell in a plot to murder Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson so that he could marry Aunt Harriet and claim the Wayne Fortune. Chandell was planning to go straight upon planning to the Wayne Fortune to pay Harry back. However, Doe, Rae, and Mimi used knock out gas on him. Harry even exposed his lawyer to knock out gas since the lawyer wanted payment. Batman and Robin managed to defeat Harry and free Chandell and his lawyer from a deathtrap. Chandell was last seen playing music for the guards while Harry plotted to escape from prison.

Known Associates

Chandell (namely his twin brother Harry) needs fellow partners in crime to assist him with his get rich quick schemes:

  • Piano Movers - Simple hired thugs that work for Harry.
  • Doe, Rae, and Mimi (portrayed by Marilyn Hanold, Edy Williams, and Sivi Aberg) - Harry's female associates.



  • The Devil's Fingers
  • The Dead Ringers


  • At the end when Chandell is playing piano in jail, both Chandell and the piano wear prison stripes!