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Chandra is the main antagonist of the 2020 Disney Channel film Upside-Down Magic. She is an evil shadow creature in the guise of a student of the Sage Academy for Magical Studies.

She was portrayed by Yasmeen Fletcher.


Chandra was introduced as a teenaged student who was shown watching the Flare honors class at the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, and it was later in the film that she introduced herself to Reina Carvajal, a Flare in training and the best friend of main protagonist Nory Boxwood Horace. Upon seeing Reina's struggles, Chandra informed Reina that she was the best in the class, and offered to help her defeat top student Phillp in a class competition. Chandra's assistance led to Reina excelling over Phillip, though she had to later use her power to save Nory after her attempt to show her Flux talents led to chaos.

Nory was sent to a class for students with "Upside-Down Magic," or UDM for short, due to her wonky magic, with headmistress Linda Knightslinger isolating them due to her belief that UDMs were the most vulnerable to shadow magic. Her attempt was to show that she could improve her magic, and regarding Reina, her attempt to save Nory was successful, but put her in danger. Reina confronted Chandra, who stated that her help and the use of her magic book allowed Reina to tap into her power, smirking when Reina voiced concern.

Reina ejected Chandra and demanded that she take the book with her, only for the book to resurface after Chandra left. Later on, Reina's confrontation with Chandra was overheard by other students, who revealed that they didn't see Chandra. At that moment, Chandra revealed that only Reina could see her, and she also revealed herself as an evil embodiment of shadow magic, adding that she corrupted a past student, Reginald Roberts--a UDM student--some time prior to the events. The villainess stated that Reginald was insecure and powerful, and that Reina was more insecure and even more powerful, while manipulating Reina into allowing Chandra to control her.

Nory encountered Chandra while she was in control of Reina, with the villainess stating to Nory that she had bigger plans for the following day, the Founder's Day celebration. On that day, Reina was asked to display her powers, but afterwards, Chandra took over and revealed her true form to the staff and students, after which she attempted to destroy the school. At that moment, Nory and the rest of the UDM class, including instructor Budd Skriff, arrived and used their powers to stop Chandra, after which Nora shifted into a "Dritten" (a dragon/kitten hybrid) and flew around the shadowy figure, causing her to become exhausted. Despite Knightslinger's pleas to destroy Chandra, Nora attempted to convince Reina to fight the monster from inside, with Reina doing so by unleashing a sparkle fireball, killing Chandra.