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Channing is the secondary antagonist in the 1972 cult-classic exploitation comedy film Pink Flamingos. He is the butler of Connie & Raymond Marble.

He was portrayed by Channing Wilroy.


In the movie, Divine, and her family are considered to be the most filthiest, nasty people ever to live. Connie and Raymond Marble believe that they are the nastiest people in the world, and that Divine and her family do not deserve the title which they have. Inside of Marble's house, they have a butler known as Channing, and they have locked up women inside of a room, which get raped by Channing, and impregnated, so the Marbels sell their babies to lesbian couples.

The Marbels end up hiring a "female spy", in order to find more information's about where Divine and her family. The female spy ends up having sex with Divine's sons, which tells her the information's since he got tricked into it. The Marbles got their information's, as they found out where Divine lives, and that her birthday is soon. The Marbles end up sending Divine a present of feces and a message on which it says that Marbles are the nastiest people in the world.

Divine receives the present, and gets upset along with her family. Divine proclaims that the Marbles must get killed for this act. Divine ends up having her disgusting party, and the Marbels see them in shock and disgust, as they report their behavior to the police. Divine with her friends ended up beating the cops which came to the scene. Divine with her son went to Marbles house, where they found Channing, locked up inside of a room, because of wearing Miss Marbles clothes and making fun of them. Divine and her son hold Channing as they enter the room where the two women are locked up. Divine and her son let the women out, which end up killing Channing by cutting of his penis for vengeance.


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