Chantelle Brooklyn 99

Chantelle is the villainess from "Captain Peralta," a second season episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

She was played by Elle Russ.

Chantelle is a Québécoise airport bartender who had a fling with Roger Peralta, the father of Jake Peralta. When she learned that Roger had cheated on her, Chantelle decided to get revenge by planting drugs in Roger's luggage, which led to Roger being arrested for possession of controlled substances. Jake and Boyle encounter Chantelle at her post, figuring that she was the type of woman that Roger would go for, and they ask her about Roger—all the while disguised as pilots. However, Chantelle exposed their ruse and instructed security (in French) to escort Jake and Boyle out. Before their ejection, Jake managed to grab Chantelle's spray bottle, and as indicated later the episode, her fingerprints matched the ones on the drugs planted on Roger, and Chantelle was (assumingly) arrested.

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