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I am the Chaos, all you mortals shall kneel before me!
~ Chaos to the Battle Girls before engaging them in the battle.
Tremble before me!!!
~ Chaos

Chaos, also known as Chaos Figure or Terror Figure, is the main antagonist in the mobile video game Girls x Battle 2. He is the monstrous, eldritch-like, demonic alien who seek to plunge the entire universe into an everlasting age of darkness and chaos as well as the ruler of the Chaos Legion. He is also an archenemy of Michael, Lucifer, the other Battle Girls, and Valkyries.

Following his first defeat at the hands of the Battle Girls, Chaos was currently used his body as his army's mobile base and ordered his generals to find the Philosopher's Stone and use its power to restore his body.


Chaos was created from all the negative emotions of all across the universe and came into being.


Chaos was the brutal, sadistic, misanthropic and threatening ruler of the Chaos Legion as he seeks to engulf the entire universe in an endless darkness and chaos. He is also very barbaric, psychopathic and destructive as he viewed humans as insects which he will crush and even saw his servants as nothing but pawns that he was willing to sacrifice in order to fulfil his goal.

However despite that, he was also proved to be cunning and intelligent as he preferred to infect his enemies and victims alike with his Deadly Mist and even send his minions to attack his enemies.

He was also very arrogant and overconfident as he believed that his enemies won't defeat easily, though this proved to be his flaw.

Powers and Abilities

As Chaos

  • Chaos Strike: Chaos shoots out multiple blasts of dark energy from his hands at his enemies.
  • Calamity Lance: Chaos summons the giant, spiked lances from below the ground and use them to hit his enemies from all directions. He can also use